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  1. k2rider

    "Grit" More Important than Brains and Brawn According to New Study

    ...and nothing requires more grit, perseverance and pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible than wrestling at the highest levels. This guys are hardcore beasts and work harder than I'd ever be willing to and that's why I stuck to baseball and football.
  2. k2rider

    AROTC - What ACT/SAT is the REAL minimum

    Yes, he ended up at Boise State....and yes, you are correct about the "silver bullet" analogy.
  3. k2rider

    AROTC - What ACT/SAT is the REAL minimum

    Sniff test....sure but things change all the time and quite honestly, you never know what they are looking for. My son had a 25 ACT, 3.7 (non-weighted), wrestling team captain, league champion, 3-4 APs, 300+ on APFT and max score on the interview. He was passed over by the Army for a *National*...
  4. k2rider

    APFT record failure

    ^^THIS^^ As with most exercise, the more you run and the more you're willing to push thru the pain, the faster your times will get. If you run daily for 2-3 weeks, you'll get thru the uncomfortable part and two miles will be a walk in the park. My daughter was pushing the limits on the running...
  5. k2rider

    AROTC OML/Competitiveness

    For the most part, this is the case and that's what they want you to believe. In reality, other factors like diversity come into play as well so a "small" amount of folks are going not going to technically get the slot they earned based on OML scores.
  6. k2rider

    Made the Ranger Challenge Team as a Freshman

    It's a great experience and hopefully your school will do well in the competitions. Both my kids competed in RC as freshmen and I believe my son competed all 4 years. His junior year, the team took 1st place for their brigade and the team went back to West Point to compete. Going to West Point...
  7. k2rider

    Gold Bar Recruiter

    My son did this after his senior year and all he did was go to the cadre and tell them he was interested. His "competition" received an almost immediate BOLC date so my son started immediately after commissioning and happily got his "4 year clock" started several months before going to BOLC. He...
  8. k2rider

    contracted freshman flunked out

    I'm going to take the Uncle Hermie route and tell you what I *think* I would do if I were in your shoes but let me say I think you're on the right track. I would encourage my son to come home and enroll in community college. If there's an ROTC component he can participate in and he wants to do...
  9. k2rider

    Branching MP information

    In the bigger cities of SoCal nowadays (including the 2nd largest city in CA where I retired from), things that make your application pop: 1. Have a 4 year degree in anything 2. Speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog or even Somali but nothing trumps Spanish 3. Being ANYTHING other than a straight...
  10. k2rider

    DODMERB Waiver Denial

    Any chance the Army has lesser standards he might be able to meet?
  11. k2rider

    Nursing ROTC

    I'll add a bit to DD graduated on May 7th, took the NCLEX less than two weeks later and was called by someone in the Army over Memorial Day weekend to tell her that she had to report to BOLC on July 1st. They also told her at that time that she'll be assigned to Fort Sam (San...
  12. k2rider

    Drug use, to put or not put.

    Well, I've been on this board for about 11 years now (originally joined in 2008 under a different moniker) and the advice given by the OP is the worst I've seen in all my time here and his/her repeated attempts to justify lying is almost laughable. I'm not going to bother repeating all the...
  13. k2rider

    AROTC deciding where to interview

    I'm with the "interview locally" crowd as both my kids did and they both ended up with 4 year scholarships. The school they interviewed with (San Diego State) wasn't even on their list of schools. Any PMS you interview with could be long gone by the time your son gets selected for a scholarship.
  14. k2rider

    UC Berkeley NROTC Roommates

    My daughter roomed with a non-ROTC but fellow nursing student her first two years and then with multiple AROTC students (6 girls in 4 bedroom place) her last two years. She preferred the last two years because she had her own room. My son had a mix of ROTC roommate and non-ROTC *on* campus his...
  15. k2rider

    Final College selection AFROTC

    Well, I could be nice and say it's a bummer because he'll be so far from his parents but I'm sure most people can figure out what I really meant. I guess there's some people out there saying "at least it's not Mississippi" :confused1:
  16. k2rider

    Final College selection AFROTC

    There is one downside.....he'll be in ALABAMA. :screwy:
  17. k2rider

    Am I Making a Mistake

    Take the full ride scholarship and run with it. The military will always be there waiting for you. It may not be as easy, or maybe it will be, but you can always join the military after you get your degree. My daughter went the ROTC route with the Army but her husband joined the Air Force after...
  18. k2rider

    Any University of Portland or Texas Tech AFROTC Cadets out there?

    My daughter went to UP but as an Army ROTC cadet. She had several friends and even roommates who were AFROTC cadets. I will agree with unknown1961 about the demographics of the school. My daughter was raised in very pro military, conservative household and generally shared those views but never...
  19. k2rider

    Army ROTC disenrollment question

    Even if the Army was *exceeding* their allotment of nurses, they still need double what they have based on what my daughter dealt with at Fort Sam in San Antonio. That may or may not work against you in dis-enrolling.
  20. k2rider

    DS now has to decide on ECP Scholarship or ROTC

    I can't speak for all school but my son went to Boise State and was the 'Gold Bar Recruiter' upon graduating/commissioning. Once again, speaking only for Boise State but my son ended up extending 3 year scholarships offers to *EVERY* non-commissioned freshman cadet that came out all year and...