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    ACT of 29 but otherwise solid credentials. That said, what would be the best military prep school for focus on the ACT just in case.

    For what it’s worth both of mine had slightly lower ACTs. One is in pilot training after graduating from USAFA and the other is a happy firstie at WP. I am a firm believer that the academies really look at the whole candidate.
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    Branch Night Class of 2020

    Just heard from our firstie.....Aviation...he is ecstatic!
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    Pink & Green

    Yes. Very classy look. Son said West Point firsties we’re fitted for them.
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    Sandhurst tryouts

    Black and Gold squads are tough to make. My sons good friend is on one of them and according to my son he is the most fit person he has ever seen. My son has done Sandhurst for his company for the past two years and it has been a great experience for him.
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    Accident at West Point

    Received the same type text from our son last night who is in the field as well. Relieved yes, but still thinking about the family getting the call. Then came the announcement and the photo of the cadet. Our prayers are with the family.
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    Sports at USMA

    There are so many opportunities at WP for sports participation. Many D1 sports and these kids are really, really, talented. Club sports are great as well. Our kid did Alpine Ski for 1 winter after 8 years of junior racing and then switched to Sandhurst which is not a sport, but incredibly...
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    USAFA Summer Seminar Waitlist

    Please do not view this as a sign that you will not be successful in the the Academy admissions process. Our son was rejected for SS but was accepted to USAFA and now is in pilot training. Our other SA son went to SS and received an appointment but ended up at another SA. He thought the week...
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    Good luck to your son. Ours is a USAFA grad about to start UPT. I asked him about his class makeup and about half are ROTC. He said nobody cares where you are from because we are all AirFOrce it should be.
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    QNS to BFE

    Tremendous! Go Army beat Navy.
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    Army R.O.T.C. to pilot

    Army aviation slots are very competitive for USMA..... can’t speak for AROTC but they are probably similar. Our son at USMA is in the top 20% of his class and is borderline for branching aviation. We also have a USAFA grad who was mid-pack but easily got team but different...
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    Sandhurst Competition April 12-13

    My wife and I went last year as our son was his company squad leader. It was, by far, our favorite visit to WP during his first theee years. The competition is really impressive and we loved watching the other military academies and the ROTC schools. It is an extremely tough endurance test and...
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    Your situation sounds very similar to son #1. He graduated from high school in 2014 and had applied to both USAFA and USNA. Received appointment to USAFA in early March of 2014 but was waitlisted at USNA( we heard story that only a handful came off the waitlist that year). He flew to Colorado...
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    The “BFE”

    *could not have cared less*
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    The “BFE”

    Hasn’t been one from USAFA in years. Our 2018 grad got the congrats email and portal letter. He did get some sort of paper certificate at his high school award ceremony from his ALO. Our 2020 received the BFE from West Point and Coast Guard. To be honest, only mom and Dad thought they were...
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    Hang in there. Son #1 heard the good news on St. Pattys day 2014 and #2 heard the first week of April 2016... hoping for the best news for all of you.
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    Ireland - Navy Football Aug 2020

    .....and driving on the other side is easy after the first roundabout
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    Ireland - Navy Football Aug 2020

    We have lived in Dublin for three years. If you have 1 week, spend 2 days in Dublin. Rent a car and head to the southwest and the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. If you live near an airport that Norwegian Air services then fly 1 way to Dublin and then 1 way from Shannon.... we fly...
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    Your son/daughter goes where???

    Ok. I think this is my 2nd post on this thread but I love it. Went to dinner with two great couple-friends of ours this weekend. We have 1 son who is a 2018USAFA grad in UPT, and another who is at USMA and hopes to fly. The couples are all graduates of top Midwest Universities (Considerd Ivies...
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    Does Summer Seminar really help your chances of being accepted?

    Well here is our experience. Son #1 rejected from a 2nd LT heading to UPT after graduating from USAFA. Son #2 accepted to SS and appointed to USAFA but chose USMA. Side note... Son #2 was waitlisted for SLS at West Point but eventually went.
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    Thanks everyone

    Best of luck to you 23hopeful. Just returning from WP after a quick visit with my son..and a really entertaining football game. I have to say that I always leave WP with the feeling that our Army is training some extremely impressive young men and women.