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    USNA medical exam question

    Why do you always seem to question those that may have more experience than you?
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    CFA scores (female)

    Keep working you have until Jan 31, 2020. Ask a coach or friend or your BGO for help on mock CFA's.
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    ACT Prep help

    NAILED IT!!!
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    Confused about a waiver.

    IMHO I would attempt to find a Dr. that was a former military Dr. or very familiar with the military process. They can be an invaluable resource. I have had experience with having two former military Dr.'s handle a case for my family and they knew exactly how to progress through the maze.
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    CFA Scores

    You decide... Competitive scores: BB 69' + Pullups 12 Shuttle 8.1 sec Sit ups 81 Push ups 62 Mile 6:29 Female BB 42' Pullups 2 flex 31 sec shuttle 9.4 sit ups 78 push ups 41 mile 7:30
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Check other posts this has been debated before...
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    Is there a non-scam DoDMERB consultants out there?

    Many folks on this forum disagree with seasoned BGO's...not sure why. A DoDMERB Consultant is a waste of money. Answer the DoDMERB questionnaire truthfully and let the chips fall where they may. IMHO too many folks are trying to game the system.
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    Waiver Timeframe?

    Haven't you been DQ'd?
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    What is a disqualifying CFA?

    A principal no = appointment if candidate is qualified...academically, medically and physically. IE if he has a congressional and a senator nomination then candidate is competing on two separate and different slates. I would suggest no getting caught up in nominations and how they get charged...
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    Under Medical Waiver Review

    A safe bet...nope. USNA will initiate the waiver process if they deem the candidate to be competitive or one they wish to offer an appointment. The candidate nor DoBMERB initiates the process the academy does.
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    What to wear to BGO interview....

    Look up other post this has been answered many times.
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    Waiting 2020

    Does anyone else see a snowflake! :rofl::biggrin:
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    AMI results shared with other SA's and ROTC?

    Yes AMI's go into Medical records. All academies have access to DoDMERB. Great advice keep copies of all correspondence. I always advise candidates scan and keep a file of every document/communication with DoDMERB and each academy, nomination source and/or ROTC. You never know when something...
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    Want Some Tips for Beast? Ask away!

    USMC is the United States Marine Corps. Not USMA which is the United States Military Academy. I call this 🐂.
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    Top Gun Rumor 2

    @justdoit19 ASTB Minimums for Navy: 5 6 6 Minimums for marine corps: 4 6 6 First #: academic aptitude (aka can you pass rigors of academics in flight school) Second number: pilot aptitude (aka how well do they think you would do as a pilot) Third number: NFO aptitude Can take the test three...
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    King Hall Food Shortages

    Been happening for 5 years! DD cooked her own food on weekends and put in the ward room fridge. She hated the institutional food at King Hall. BTW she is a bodybuilder.
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    Portal Questions

    Opens 1 Dec closes 15 Jan. A simple Google search shows this...
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    Agreed! You're ok. 👌