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  1. jamzmom

    Merry Christmas from Jamzmom

    Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!
  2. jamzmom

    Out & About on Long Island & NYC

    Thought I'd share a rather long list of things to do on Long Island given to me from a dear friend back when I was once a Plebe parent. Keep in mind that this list won't be of much use to your kid until after Recognition as they've not much free time. Posting this up so folks who are going to...
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    SAF Staff Announcement

    Greetings to all! I'd like to share the news that I'll be jumping from Super Moderator to a newly created position as SAF Community Liaison. Due to continuing membership growth, its come to my attention that it would be of great benefit to new members to have an actual "go to" person to ask...
  4. jamzmom

    Steps to Recognition

    Starting a new thread as there are questions pertaining to how this works. The Candidates have been, or will be given a list of steps they will have to achieve in order to become recognized as Midshipmen & to say, "Plebes no more". They must...
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    Sign up here for Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to SAF Service Members!!

    Well wishes to each and every one of you this Thanksgiving and a special thanks going out to those who are currently in service to our great country. There are a few folks here in the SAF family that I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Honored to know them. Wish they were home. So very...
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    Careers after USMMA revisited

    As there has been some interest in what goes on with KP Midn upon graduation, I thought to post the following past thread to revisit the topic. Good info here: On a side note, recruitment is alive & well...
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    KP grad photo wow. keep in mind, some of these are set backs from 2008
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    USPS Closing

    Received the following notice from the KP Parents' Assoc. this morning. It was mentioned that USPS will be closing at CGA and other colleges as well.
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    KP's Training on Pirate Attacks in the News

    Thought to share a few recent & upcoming media pieces on KP. click on the video on the left here to see how KP trains its Mids: And airing tonight on 20/20: click on When...
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    Plebes no more!

    Congrats to the newly recognized Midshipmen of the class of 2012!
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    Maersk Alabama Hijacked by Pirates

    Pretty horrifying news this morning.
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    Plebes, Cadets, Swabs, ROTC, Rats & Knobs! Oh My!

    What are the things that inspire/d you most in choosing your futures? Was it an event in time? A person? An ambition to become one of tomorrow’s leaders? The challenges of the places themselves? Parents, feel free to comment about how you saw your child steering towards their goals &...
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    Admiral Worley speaks to NY parents' club

    Admiral Worley addressed the NY parents' club last night. He answered questions that had been submitted to the president of the club by the parents. Topics covered were: Toilet paper – contrary to popular belief, there is not a shortage of toilet paper at the Academy. Due to a procedural...
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    New Book about Merchant Mariners

    Can't wait to lay hands on this one!,0,4771638.story
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    Strange Vids

    Share your bizarre videos here. Here's a start:
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    Recent Forum Downtime

    Service Academy Forum Members, We sincerely apologize for the downtime experienced on the forum on 3 February. While it is possible some of our members were able to access the site at this time, there were outages experienced. Our host, ASmallOrange, has worked with us to resolve this...
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    Keeping america’s ports safe

    Nice article explaining the workings of how the Coasties keep us safe & moving:
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    Happy thanksgiving to all at saf Remembering those who can't be with their loved ones & giving many thanks for their service & sacrifices.
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    KP Mid Featured in CG Proceedings Magazine

    KP Mid Featured in CG Proceedings Magazine Direct link to the article written by James Johnston, 2009: Just had to share! :smile:
  20. jamzmom

    American cadets to sail on Hapag-Lloyd ships