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    How do they know?

    It's just the beginning........ My son got quite a few emails and pamplets from various colleges once he was awarded his scholarship a couple years ago. Most were from places we never heard of and most were offering some sort of additional incentive, like room and board scholarships. Most...
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    unused ROTC offers.

    I don't know how accurate it is, but I was told that that is how in college schorahips are funded. Some years where there is a high acceptance level from high school scholarships, the availability of in college scholarhips is limited.
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    A Few AFROTC Questions

    I don’t know the answer, but I believe the answer is no you can’t switch back after you’ve converted your scholarship to a three year. While that would be nice, unfortunately that isn’t an option. The Air Force will not pay for flight time, so you’ll have to cover that cost. There...
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    Entire ROTC Application Process

    I only have direct experience with the Air Force process. I believe all branches require applying through their national ROTC web site. When the Air Force offers a scholarship, they will ask for your top school choices, however it's not binding. You can apply to any university that has a...
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    Benefits of Completing ROTC Application Early & Piloting

    Yes, but think of being under contract as opposed to having a scholarship. You can participate in AFROTC as GMC without being under contract. Once you attend field training and become a member of the POC, you'll being under contract. Cadets under contract will get a stipend and usually...
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    Benefits of Completing ROTC Application Early & Piloting

    There are multiple boards, so having your application in before the first board would give you more opportunity to get selected. Neither of the commissioning sources will give you an edge for a fighter airframe. That is dependent on how you do at UPT. While I don't have any stats to back...
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    important nrotc questions

    I'm more familiar with the AF process, but a quick search on the Navy ROTC site yielded the following. There is an online application. Whether or not this bypasses that local recruiters, I can't say. The site also states: Test Scores You may list up to 6 SAT/ACT scores and dates...
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    Next AFROTC Board?

    Per the FAQ on Board results are scheduled to be released on or around the following dates: * Dec. 28 2009 * Feb.15 2010 * Mar. 14 2010 * April 18 2010 AFROTC scholarships aren't assigned to a specific school, just a major. It shouldn't cause any conflicts with...
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    Read the third sentence of his post #1 in this tread.
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    Presentation of ROTC Scholarship?

    Several years ago, when my son was presented his AFROTC scholarship, there were presentations from the Army, Marines, and Air Force. The Army and Marines sent two enlisted folks that looked like it wasn't too long since they attended basic training. Their presentations took all of 20...
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    ROTC Scholarship

    Ask the university what happens to any scholarship funds in excess of the current fees. At my son's school, snce his ROTC scholarship covered tuition, his merit scholarships from the university was applied to room and board. When he moved out of the dorm, the excess fees are refunded in cash...
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    ROTC Scholarship

    My son had a AFROTC scholarship. It doesn't cover housing. Purdue doesn't offer to cover housing for it's ROTC students like some other universities may, at least not to my son. I'm not aware of any Big Ten college that supplements housing for ROTC across the board. OSU does have some...
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    Applying For Scholarship Freshman Year.

    Some scholarships can be converted from a four to a three year with a higher per year scholarship. The total scholarship amount remains the same, but since the monies are distributed over three years, the amount per year is greater. Talk with your ALO or local Cadre for details.
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    ROTC recruits paid to command new languages

    I believe this is only true if your major/minor in a foreign language. My son is an Engineering major on scholarship and isn't required to take a language.
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    AFROTC - two quick questions

    You can pick any college for a AFROTC scholarship. If I recall the process from when my son got a scholarship, they asked what colleges he wanted to go to, but didn't mandate any. He just had to informed them of his choice when he returned the scholarship paperwork.
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    Some good news!

    That's just the start. I think my son has heard from at least 20 AFROTC detachments with all kinds of offers if he attended their school. Now if only one of the schools he wants to go to would make a similiar offer.
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    DODMERB Followup Question

    PPQ - Finally, but the saga continues We'll after submitting information back to Concorde due to the nurse taking five inches of my son's height, then resubmitting everything again directly to DoDMERB, my son finally has a PPQ status. We just got a letter directly from the Academy wanting...
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    DODMERB Followup Question

    Another question, again.... We just got the letter from DODMERB today. The site shows: R220.00 - Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding knee surgeries. R251.02 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2492 D181.00 - Height not within standards However, they...
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    DODMERB Followup Question

    Thanks! We just called DODMERB. It appears that that the doctor wrote down 5' and forgot to add the inches. Firedrill #1 down..... Hopefully not too many more to go. thanks again! bob
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    DODMERB Followup Question

    My son's inital DODMERB results were posted. They were: R220.00 - Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding knee surgeries. R251.02 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2492 D181.00 - Height not within standards I understand the two R status message, but the D...