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  1. Trey


    I haven't updated in a while, but I still stalk you guys! I recently got accepted to the Roanoke Valley Gov. School. I'm so excited and ready for the challenge. I went with my older sister on a tour of UVA. Awesome school. That's off topic of this off topic post. Sorry this is very badly worded...
  2. Trey

    Virginia Academy Day!

    Sorry this is in the wrong section,I can't seem to post in Academy Events. This is copied from an email I recieved today. I went last year, and it was awesome! Very informational. "Virginia students interested in attending one of the nation's service academies are encouraged to attend the...
  3. Trey

    Drug use in USAF
  4. Trey


    Hello. This morning is went to the allergist. Very lond, boring, and painful process. So far I know I'm allergic to almonds and soy. With some insurance issue I had to have latex tested by my blood, so I won't find out until later this week. I also think my allegic reaction was something to do...
  5. Trey

    Not able to do JROTC

    Hi. I'm not sure where this should be posted or if it should be posted at all. Please remove it if it is not relevant. I am unable to participate in AF JROTC because it is at a school all the way across town and I am not able to get transportation there and back to my home school. I'm wondering...
  6. Trey

    :( Airmen Feared Dead in Helicopter Crash
  7. Trey

    Virginia Tech takes shooting simulator

    I saw this picture from the 3rd string QB on Virginia Tech (my favorite team) on facebook. This was taken at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Go Hokies! But actually, I need UCLA to win.
  8. Trey

    Armed Forces Bowl

    Go NAVY today! I need them to win even if I want of a thought winning the $675 prize for these bowl picks. I'm wondering, how many Naval Academy students traveled down to Fort Worth? I'm guessing all but not sure. Here's a cool article...
  9. Trey

    Latex Allergy

    Hi. I've always thought I was in perfect health. I rarely get the cold or any other viruses. (A few exceptions for strep throat on occasions). But last night after visiting the dentist I had a allegic reaction to what I believe to be the latex gloves they use. Is this a disqualification? If this...
  10. Trey

    Student Rights

    Hey guys. I have a off-topic question about my rights. I live in the state of Virginia if this makes a difference. My teacher uses a times and whenever we talk she turns on the timer and we stay after for how many seconds we have. I've heard that it's against a law/ ordinance that a teacher...
  11. Trey

    ROTC Sholarship Acceptance

    Hello. I am 13 years old. My dream school is VMI, only 2 hours away from my hometown. The total cost to go to VMI would be around $22,000, which is alot for my family with 3 kids all going to college in a span of 10 years. I am just wondering if there is and estimate of the acceptance rate of...
  12. Trey

    Giving up Baseball for Track

    Hi. I'm currently in eighth grade and I play baseball and golf. In my first year of high school (9th grade) I will be playing golf, but, I have seen myself stuggling to keep up in baseball. For middlee school last year I was picked 21st out of 24. I don't see myself making varsity anytime son...
  13. Trey

    VMI AFROTC stats

    Hello. I was ready a VMI packet/ booklet that overviews the Institute. And I read a stat on AFROTC. "The VMI Air Force ROTC pilot/ combat systems officer selection rate is consistantly at or near 100 percent." Is this true? If it is VMI is my #1 college choice no matter what. My dream is to be a...
  14. Trey

    Golf at West Point

    Hello. It has been a dream of mine to be an officer in the armed forces for about three years. Currently I am 13. Golf is most likely my best sport and baseball my second. I am certainly very interested in having an chance to play golf at the college level. My scores aren't the best. I haven't...