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    Congressman Burgess TX-26 Virtual Service Academy Event for 2020-2021 (Class of 2025)

    Not our MOC, but I did stumble on this recently. It is a really nice comprehensive introduction to different SAs, nom, TX senators noms, ROTC and.....special guest star see the last video! If the link does not work, google "Congressman Michael C Burgess TX-26 Virtual Academy Day" or some...
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    2020 North Texas US Service Academies Forum (@TCU in Ft. Worth)

    This year's North Texas U.S. Service Academies Forum will be held at TCU on April 4, 2020. See attached flyer for details. Here is the description: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Students (grades 8-12) and their parents are invited to attend the 2020 North Texas U.S. Service Academies...
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    2019 North Texas USNAAA Blue Chip Dinner - 12/18/2019

    Here is a review of this year's U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association (USNAAA) of North Texas Blue Chip Dinner What: Dinner and outreach for USNA candidates Who: 56 candidates and their parents Total: Lots; maybe 300? Where: Area country club When: 12/18/2019 6:30-8:30 (and beyond) Who else...
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    2019 North Texas Black and Gold Dinner - 10/16/2019

    Each year the West Point Society of North Texas and West Point Parents Club of North Texas host a dinner for selected candidates. Who: approximately 25 candidates plus parents How selected: by FFR invitation; approx 11-13 districts and each FFR selects 2-3 Total: Guesstimate is 100-125-ish...
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    Ode to Objee - Early Action statistics Classes of 2018-2022

    Thought everyone would like to see this! It is a direct cut and paste from past Objee posts on EA statistics. I do not have one for last year (Class of 2023) and recall it was the shut down year so EA was delayed until Jan 2019. If anyone finds it, post here...
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    Genesis Invitational - A parent's perspective 11/04-05/2019

    A parent's perspective! DD received invitation via email 08/28/2019. She was able to chose from 3 weekends (although I think there was one in September): 10/21-22, 11/04-05, and 11/18-19 all Mon to Tues, and she selected through Bear's Den. We chose 11/04-05 even though it was after EA 10/15...
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    USMMA New Website - It looks awesome!!!

    Hey everyone! US Merchant Marine Academy has a new website! Go check it out, it is awesome! The pictures are fantastic. Font, layout, links are great. It makes me want to get DD to apply all over again! I repeat, the pictures are fantastic!!
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    Letter of Assurance - USMMA Class of 2024

    DD got her LOA via Fedex yesterday! Arrived on our doorstep! Her portal was also updated to "LOA" but no link. Super duper excited for this excellent news and so very, very humbled to received the LOA. Still a long road but this is one of top choices for DD! She was able to visit her junior...
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    Letter of Assurance - Class of 2024

    DD received a letter in the mail today! So thrilled and excited! Via US Mail, not reflected in her portal as of now. Postmarked 10/09/19. "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2024 will be reserved for you provided you meet all admissions requirements , to include a qualified medical status" ...finish...
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    Army JROTC Nomination when NOT Honor Unit with Distinction

    I ask here because DD's FFR said it had to be honor unit with distinction - but I don't agree. This would be for a nomination to West Point ONLY. DD's JROTC instructor is very willing to fill out the ROTC Nomination form 5-497 found on the West Point website, but wants to get extra extra...
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    AIM Travel questions

    We are looking at travel arrangements. I was hoping to send DD solo like SLCDA and USMMA this spring, and SLE travel. At first we tried to find flights that arrive with ample time to catch the Academy transportation from PVD or BDL. But from where DD flies from, connections and arrival times are...
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    Current parent of 9th grader - admissions questions

    Hello new poster here! My DD is a current 9th grader and hopes to be part of the USCGA Class of 2024! I know it's still early but.... It seems one element somewhat outside the candidate's control is submissions of letters of recommendation, because that is done directly from the...