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    Should I resend nomination?

    I sent my nomination information by mail for a Presidential nomination early December. I have still not received the nomination in my portal. As the timeline gets closer, should I send the information again? Or what actions should i take? Thanks for your time, Matyas
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    I received an email today stating I was selected to participate in the FVE for USAFA. I read this was for diverse candidates, and I am confused because I dont have any outstanding diverse factors in my application. Is this a very selective process? Has anyone else been invited? My father worked...
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    CFA results opinion

    Excuse me for posting yet another one of “these” threads, however I would appreciate a few opinions on my test results. I took both the PFA and the CFA. BBall throw: 57ft av Pull up: 18 PU 1 min: 57 PU 2min: 75 Sit up 1 min: 64 Sit up 2 min: 95 Shuttle run: 9.9 1 mile: 7:33 1.5mile: 11:34 I have...
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    AI teaming system

    How do you all feel about the future of military aviation? Is AI taking over? Boeing has a interesting new drone:
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    Question Regarding Teacher Evaluations

    Current junior here, I was wondering how flexible the teacher evaluations are. It states on the website that a 11-12 grade english and math instructor must complete the evaluation, but I have finished all available math courses by sophomore year. I do take extracurricular Actuarial exams to...
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    Value of Actuarial Exams

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how impactful actuarial exams are in my application. Living with a single parent, I have difficulty getting to and from extracurriculars so I self studied at home for advanced math tests through the Society of Actuaries. I passed 2 very difficult multivariate...