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    Rejected this morning.
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    Anyone still in the dark?

    Same boat. Hoping for news mid April
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    Traveling To Prep

    Congrats bro!!
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    Should I resend nomination?

    Thank you! I will call tommorow morning to ask
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    Should I resend nomination?

    I sent my nomination information by mail for a Presidential nomination early December. I have still not received the nomination in my portal. As the timeline gets closer, should I send the information again? Or what actions should i take? Thanks for your time, Matyas
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    Sad day for America today: Attack on our democratic process

    I remember years ago wishing I could live in more interesting times. What the heck was I thinking...
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    Good Workout Songs?

    I really enjoy listening to Disturbed while training. Warrior, Indestructible, Stupify, Down w the Sickness, Ten thousand fists, etc. If you need some extra pump of motivation I quite enjoy some Slipknot songs such as spit it out, unsainted, etc
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    2021 memes

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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Heard from TX-10 Hon. McCaul by email. Reject letter
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    Application Finished and Waiting

    Good luck to you! My ALO told me most people will be notified before April, but its never over until they say no.
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    FVE Invitation

    FVE here too! What squadron were you in? I was in Duece!
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    Very Quick Question: Did I pass my CFA?

    Lol! I feel the same way. That mile time is incredible! I hit 7.5 minutes on my mile, though I maxed the Push, Pull, and situps. I passed my CFA
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    AFROTC 1st board stats

    1460 SAT, 3.95GPA, 90PT, Tech AFROTC type 7 Pretty good leadership, lacking in volunteer hours, good athletics. Interview went well I thought. Im very happy to have a scholarship. Competition seemed to be tough!
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    Wondering about CFA Scores

    Good luck to you. I maxed my pullups and what helped me to improve was doing 60-70% of my max pullups every time I walked through my door. You just have to get tons of reps in throughout the day. Luckily, your body tends to recover pretty fast from pullups and pushups if you dont go overboard...
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    FVE Question

    No, its not a guarantee of admission. It just an outreach program for diverse candidates. It is likely a good sign, but in no way a guarantee
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    Chances of AFROTC Scholarship

    Were you eligible for the first board? Good luck to you
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    PFE - thank you gift?

    I took the CFA exam twice with the same instructor, and afterward I sent a gift card and a thank you letter. I think it is appropriate because they go out of their way to administer the test for free.
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    AFROTC Interview Reflection

    @ThePilot18 Wow what happened? Did he end the interview there, or did he call you back later?
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    Agree with above. I maxed mine by doing pushups every day and doing sets of 1/2 of my max for speed. Try some weighted tricep and bench press work at the gym as well, good luck to you.
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    AFROTC Interview Reflection

    My Interview went about 45 minutes too. Overall it sounds like you have a good chace at type 1 with a “very very good” SAT and 4.0 GPA. I wish we could know how well we did in the interview but sadly that is not possible. Good luck to you, Im also hoping for a type 1 this October