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    I’ve been seeing some discussion of a change of date for I-Day. Instead of July 1, which is still on the academic calendar, some are hearing that it might be June 29. Does anyone have any solid info on that? We have to fly, so moving things around is a bit of an exercise, but this is our...
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    College Re-applicants

    So, for college re-applicants who have been appointed . . . do second semester grades matter? Does continuing the current semester matter? Our son is a plebe to be and will definitely be finishing his second semester, but I know he's having a hard time focusing.
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    Criminal Record Report

    My son is a plebe-to-be. His older brother commissioned from USNA in 2019, which means he was a plebe in 2015. At that time, I recall we had to get something from our local police stating that he did not have a criminal record. Is that still part of the process? If so, is it a form that the...
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    I-Day Planning

    Does anyone have any information on the logistics of I-Day this year? Do we know yet whether it will be one day or done in waves? Any info on the date(s)?
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    USNA Principal Nominees Still Waiting?

    Are there any principal nominees out there still waiting on an appointment to USNA?
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    Nomination Timing

    I would imagine that every MOC and Senator push out their nominations at their own pace or calendar, but does anyone know if there's a "normal" or expected decision timing? Our MOC hasn't made any decision yet, nor has the Senator with him our DS has the best shot (and by that I mean long shot...
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    Nomination information

    Like everyone else, our DS applied for all the available nominations but has not heard back on any of them. Does the MOC normally contact the applicant, does the nomination just show up on the portal, is there a "normal" or is it just each MOC does it their own way? Also, does anyone know how...
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    Confirming a Nomination

    Is there any way to confirm that an MOC (or other) has nominated a candidate? Does that show up in the candidate's portal? Our current applicant has an older brother who graduated/commissioned last year but I don't recall ever seeing written confirmation of his nomination 4/5 years ago...
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    Title IX

    Probably a dumb question, but here goes. My understanding is that military academies are exempt from Title IX. If that's true, and if that means that military academies can offer as many "scholarships" to male athletes as female athletes, is there a reason why USNA does not have, for example...