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    Virtual Summer Seminar

    Hello everyone, I regret to inform you all that the USAFA admissions team just posted an alert on Instagram that says Summer seminar will be a virtual event this year. Sessions will be June 7-10 and June 14-17. I’m praying this changes, but it seems pretty official to me. I must say I can’t...
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    Already updated to Candidate Status

    I just got an email from USAFA Admissions that says my PCQ has been reviewed and approved, and I will move on to begin the candidate phase on July 1st. I was not expecting such a quick decision on my PCQ, I’m so excited! In the meantime, is there anything I should be doing other than pursuing...
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    SAT essay

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not the Academy considers the SAT essay in their admissions process. I’ve taken the SAT 3 times between my sophomore and junior years (I’m currently a junior), and have a score of 1540 on my best SAT. However, I’ve only taken the SAT...
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    Where to Start

    Hello everyone, I am a high school junior currently in my fall semester. The time is coming for me to begin my application process, and I was looking to get some firsthand feedback from others who have gone through the same process on where I should begin. I will be applying to summer seminar...
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    SAT sub scores and AP

    Hello, I’m a current high school junior with an SAT of 1420; math-670 reading-750. I know that the average SAT score is around a 1350, but I’m wondering if the subscores carry any weight in the overall value of a score (for instance, a 1420 with m-720 r-700 vs. a 1420 with m-670 r-750) since...