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    Waiver Denial - Appealing

    Has anyone successfully appealed a "waiver denied" decision? I'm working to appeal mine but I'm not sure what exactly will help me case
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    3 Years Cancer Free Waiver

    Hello all, I'm a survivor of Ewing's sarcoma, a type of cancer and I am currently a freshman in college, and a cadet in AFROTC. I was diagnosed in April 2014, and finished treatment in January 2015. My tumor was very small, encapsulated, and no additional cancer cells have been found by any...
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    AFROTC Waiver Denial

    Hello, I applied and received an Air Force type 7 scholarship. A history on me is that I had Ewing's Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The cancer was found as a bump on my thigh in May 2015. I had surgery to take it out, and then an other surgery to take out more of my thigh shortly after it was...