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    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congrats to all of those who will enter the West Point Prep School for the 2018-19 academic year. Let's start below with the familiar format. # posted / profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of MAPS offer/ Accepted,Declined,Undecided / State-District / Direct entry or Prior Enlisted...
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    The wait is over!!!

    Well, this wait is at least. DS was offered USMAPS which is what we were hoping for him. He really needed that transition year to acclimate to life back in the US after 7 years in Germany, to strengthen his math skills, and one more year to drop his 400m time for track. Very happy that I can...
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    AROTC site down

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I have not been able to log on all day (Germany time).
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    My DS recieved a 4 year/Type 7 AFROTC scholarship, but it does not list to which school. He ranked his preferences and was admitted to all three. Is he supposed to contact the school AFROTC Unit or how does this work?
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    How do USMAPS and AOG offers normally work?

    I heard that there was about two more weeks left of handing out appointments and rejections. If you don't get either, then does that mean you are being considered for the prep school or an AOG scholarship? I know they have to wait for the acceptance deadline, but do they start filling in slots...
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    Re Congressional Nomination not showing up on AFA portal

    My DD won his slate from our district congressman, but it is not showing up in the AFA portal. My son has emailed his admissions rep at least four times inquiring about it and the rep does not answer. He has applied to USNA and USMA as well and it shows up in their portal. I am afraid that...
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    Eyesight question?

    My glass/contact prescription is -2.75 in both eyes. I just received notice in Dodmerb that a remedial was requested for USMA & USNA for another eye exam. I passed each section of the exam. Why would they be asking for another exam?