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    Disgruntled past member here?

    I doubt its a disgruntled past member. All I do know is he is gone, and so are all his posts.
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    Wavier Denied, Q for RetNavyHM

    I'm glad I could help you, and I'm glad you were persistent, made it to the academy, and are happy. Thank you for your kind words!! :thumb:
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    Re-taking DoDMERB

    You will need a new waiver. Waivers are generally only good for one year.
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    DoDMerb Concussion

    The answer is that when you check yes to certain items, there are automatic questionnaires that are generated. You check yes to allergies, even though you put a detailed description on the medical history form, DoDMERB will still send you an allergy questionnaire. The same holds true for the...
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    Welcome to the forum!! :biggrin: We hope that you will find the answers to any questions you may have, and that you will provide the answer if you know it!!
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    How and how long?

    In process means the file is somewhere in the DoDMERB process. Keep checking the DoDMERB site and it will update.
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    DoDMERB Question

    The new cycle year for DoDMERB just started on 1 Jul. I'm sure a card/letter is on its way to you as I write this.
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    Hi All!

    Welcome to the forums! We are glad you found us, and I'm sure that you will find the answers to any questions you may have. :biggrin:
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    Welcome to the forums! We are glad you found us, and I'm sure that you will find the answers to any questions you may have. :biggrin:
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    Accutane Question

    A question for anonymousgoat: When are you planning on entering a service academy or ROTC program?? Here are the concerns. Any Accutane use is disqualifying until 8 weeks after you discontinue the medication. Also if your acne is severe enough to warrant Accutane, then that could...
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    online medical history

    On the online medical form put down the estimated dates of treatment (you can just write "estimated" after the dates). DoDMERB does understand that you may not remember the exact dates of all treatments, so there is nothing to worry about. As for the copies of medical records, I would not...
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    DODMERB Remedial time length

    There are two web sites. One is for the physical examination contractor, Concorde, Inc., and the other is for DoDMERB. The Concorde web site is used for scheduling the physical examination. Once Concorde forwards all parts of the physical examination to DoDMERB that site will register the...
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    Middle Ear Surgery

    Some general information regarding tubes. If you had tubes as a young child there should not be any issues as long as the ear drums have healed up. In the majority of cases these are not an issue.
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    Medicine Questions?

    As long as the medications/reason for the medications was disclosed during your DoDMERB physical examination, then all you will need is the prescription bottle. I would also recommend that you get a paper copy of the prescription from your physician as well. If the medications were not...
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    What is the USNA policy on Tobacco?

    All the academies, and services for that matter, try to prevent tobacco use. They cannot forbid its use, but they do make it difficult to use both smoke and smokeless tobacco. So if you smoke or use smokeless tobacco I would urge you to quit. Trying to quit during plebe summer would not be fun!
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    Working through the Paperwork in Texas

    Welcome to the forums!! Feel free to do a search on any questions that you may have. Most likely its been asked before, but if you can't find it feel free to ask. I'm sure that someone here will be able to answer it!
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    Hello everyone from Alabama!

    Welcome to the forums, and we hope to have all the answers to any of your questions! If you can't find the information please feel free to ask!! :biggrin:
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    KP grad photo

    The JAMZ does stand out like a huge sore thumb!! :biggrin: Best of luck to him in his career!!
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    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to the forums!! We are glad you've found us and hope that all your questions can be answered!! :biggrin:
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    When to start

    For USNA, once the applicant has 50% of the application submitted to USNA admissions, the USNA admissions office will submit the applicants name to DoDMERB. Applicants cannot start the DoDMERB process, it is initiated by the program (academy or ROTC program). So you need to wait for the...