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    R-Day SAF Dinner 2011

    The food at Painters is very good. It's a much better venue than the Thayer. The opportunity to meet some of your classmates - and possibly even members of your company - is terrific. You'll all appreciate a familiar face the next morning.:eek:
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    New Cadets/Rising Plebes...check in!

    Congratulations to each one of the former New Cadets. And thanks for posting your comments as they're great for current candidates and parents to read. We're proud of what you've already accomplished and look forward to hearing more about your experiences during academic year. You'll continue...
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    "Porcelain on Steel"

    A book about women who have graduated from West Point. A good read for female candidates, cadets and alums as well as their parents. Couldn't hurt the male candidates to read about them, either.
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    Received e-mail

    It could be that you received this email in error. I'd suggest following up with your teachers on the recs. Perhaps you could send a note to Admissions via your portal letting them know you received the email and that you don't have 7th and 8th semester grades yet.
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    Candidates: Before you accept your nomination, think about Paul

    scoutpilot, Thank you so much for this post. My heart aches for your friend's family and for your loss of a dear friend. In the meantime, your words needed to be written and every candidate should read them. It's easy enough to get caught up in the excitement of being appointed to West...
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    R-DAY SAF dinner

    The food at Painters is pretty good. Here's a link: It was an absolutely perfect venue for this purpose. Cornwall-on-Hudson has some other wonderful restaurants. It's just too bad we didn't find out about them until cow year. Also, for...
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    R-DAY SAF dinner

    Thanks, Cpt. Claw. I'm positive this was a good idea. If it added just a tiny bit of good feelings going into R-Day, it was a good investment. And it brings back some very nice memories.
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    R-DAY SAF dinner

    So, any feedback on the dinner and getting to meet some of our on-line buddies?
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    There have been a few LOA's given out as early as July. Keep in mind that LOA's are not the norm. If you receive one, get the balance of your paperwork in as quickly as possible. Good luck!!
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    Hell's Bells! - R-Day Video

    scoutpilot, You'd love the air conditioning in the new barracks. :cool:
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    Question: SAT's

    Not required - unless there has been a recent change.
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    How's my profile looking for admission? Any input welcome

    Keep your grades up. It sounds like this is a major commitment you've made. Consider retaking SAT early in the fall. Maybe even the ACT in order to achieve a higher composite (Score is very good, though.) making you even more competitive academically. NHS is a big deal. Congratulations...
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    How early is early?

    First of all, good for you for being on top of all of this so early. Another reason to apply early is to actually receive the request to take the DoDMERB exam. This is the part of admissions that can drag out the process for any candidate.
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    Admissions Chances

    Your profile is impressive. Improvements in your SAT/ACT scores will be very beneficial. If you're not happy with your scores, try again the earliest time they are offered this fall. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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    Thanks and goodbye

    Best of everything to each of you reporting this morning. I can't wait to hear how you're doing and love the idea that you'll continue to contribute to this site as cadets. Enjoy (?) Beast!!! :rocket:
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    R-DAY SAF dinner

    Once again, I wish each of you all the best. You're about to embark on a great adventure. It's very smart that you're getting a head start on meeting your classmates at dinner the night before R-Day. It's the very beginning of building your West Point network. Some of you might even be in...
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    Admissions Questions

    Prep over the summer to retake the SAT the first time it's offered in the fall. Top 25% is nice but you should really focus on grades to show an upward trend. If you can crack the top 20% it would be helpful. Aim to be a co-captain of the volleyball team if at all possible. Get your ROTC...
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    conflicting report time?

    After checking with Admissions and knowing the correct time to report, be prepared for long lines of traffic entering the gates. Then waiting for a bus from the parking lot. Then waiting for a long time to get into Ike Hall. It will be early and you'll be a tad nervous. Make sure you eat...
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    Candidate Kits

    WP Hopeful, Although you put a lot of work into your essays last year, perhaps your perspective has changed in the past year. You're a year older and have more experience. Based on decisions you've made about reapplying to WP as well as what you'll be doing this coming year, you may be able...
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    Any Words of Wisdom for Beast?

    Remember why you're there. You wanted this so badly you couldn't wait for R-Day to arrive. As tough as it gets, keep remembering that feeling. Finish Beast. If you quit, you'll always wonder if you gave up too soon. Don't get caught up in negativity. That's a really bad habit...