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  1. nodiva

    Foundation offers. . .

    Every year about this time, I feel the need to put in a plug for Foundations. Two years ago, my DD received a call saying that there was a possibility of a Foundations spot and asking if she would be interested (TWE was other option). Our first thought was "What the heck is Foundations" followed...
  2. nodiva

    Broken Plebes

    I am starting to see several pictures of wrapped arms, crutches etc. Is this normal less than 2 weeks into Plebe Summer? Looking for input from those of you lucky enough to live close enough to the Yard to be sponsors of current detailers!
  3. nodiva

    Shoe measurements form in PTR

    It is a pretty widely accepted fact that NB shoes run .5 smaller than other athletic shoes (any runners on the forum know that they sometimes wear a full size bigger in Nike and other brand running shoes than they do everyday shoes), so my question is: should DD assume the measurements asked for...
  4. nodiva

    Did anyone save this pamphlet from their portal?

    I am looking for a copy of this: United States Naval Academy A message to Those Selected for Admission It was a link included in the portal to accept nomination. Thanks
  5. nodiva

    If you have an hour--WORTH IT!

    Someone forwarded this link to us last year. We found the hour we spent watching this to be the most informative hour of the entire process of applying to the USNA. We are all HUGE fans of VADM Carter now. His comments towards the end about the Foundations program are especially helpful for...
  6. nodiva

    Testing format at USNA

    I am just curious. What format is testing in the math and sciences at USNA? Is it like standardized testing with multiple choice?
  7. nodiva

    A family affair. . .

    I am just curious and looking for some input. If several members of a family wanted to travel to Annapolis to be part of the process, which event is more appropriate: I day or PPW?
  8. nodiva

    Plebe summer numbers?

    Does anyone have any idea of the plebe numbers this summer? Have there been any plebes leave USNA? I think I heard last year that there was hardly any "wash". Just curious about this summer.
  9. nodiva

    Summer reading list?

    My DD seems to remember hearing about a USNA summer reading list. I can't find it on the website. Anyone know anything about this?
  10. nodiva

    Any news from those that were waitlisted?

    Just curious if the May 1st deadline brought any new action to those on the waitlist?
  11. nodiva

    Foundation offers yet?

    Just curious if anyone has received a Foundation offer yet. Also, does an offer mean that you then compete against another pool to become "sponsored"? I understand the scholarships are need based.
  12. nodiva

    Foundation/NAPs question

    Is it correct to assume that if a DD/DS is offered a Foundation/NAPs that it will come late in April after appointments are made?
  13. nodiva

    Attrition rate during break

    Does anyone know if the USNA experiences any real attrition during the mid-year break? I know that there was very little attrition during plebe summer, but just curious about this time of year.
  14. nodiva

    Please define "rolling admissions"

    I know the meaning of "rolling admissions" as in "we evaluate applications and notify applicants in a timely manner if they passed the Board process" (LOA), but what I am unclear about is this: are you also notified in a timely manner if you are deemed not admissible? Will my child be notified...
  15. nodiva

    Am I reading too much in to this?

    My child's BGO was very responsive early in the year. My kid kept him apprised of the CVW weekend and the NASS experience. But since June there has been no response. The application is complete. I'm thinking way too much about this. Could the BGO know something my candidate does not and...
  16. nodiva

    Have any LOA's gone out for the class of 2019?

    Just curious if anyone has received an LOA yet for the class of 2019.