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    USNA 2025 Waiting and....Waiting

    Will those not selected off the waitlist ultimately get a TWE at some point? Thx
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    USNA Class of 2025 Appointments Update-Entire-List-Yourself

    Can I ask what district in NJ?
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    Under Waiver Review

    My DD has just received waiver clearance for both the USCGA and the NROTC scholarship at Villanova. She was waitlisted at USNA and will see what comes of that, but she now has 2 solid choices for her future. It was a very long road to get the waivers, but I will bring up the old adage - "the...
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    Under Waiver Review

    Very similar story here with my DD. My reco. is to send a note to Mr. Mullen just to ask him if there is anything else you need to do for DoDMERB. He will probably respond and copy the officials at the Service Academies/ROTC for an update. That at least puts your case fresh in their minds as...
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    USNA 2025 Waiting and....Waiting

    Stupid question but reapplying means everything has to be re-done? Application, essays, recommendations, transcripts, SAT/ACT - do people take new tests? , nominations, BG interview, CFA, etc. maybe not DoDMERB? Do people submit the same essays? Do the recommendations from teachers get...
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    Wait List

    My DD was waitlisted this morning. Guessing those on that list are ranked too. Does anyone know if it can be asked where one is on the list? If there truly are 100 on the list, thinking better to go with plan B if number 99 vs. number 3...
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    Remedials and Service Academies

    Curiosity question - do service academies only look at and have access to the remedials (medical findings from office visits) they have specifically requested through DoDMERB or do they look at and have access to every remedial that has been requested?