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    Two More States Exempt Mil Rtmt Pay: AZ, NE

    THParent forgot Maryland which also now does not tax military retirement
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    new reports of sexual harassment and assault at VMI
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    Possible Major Army Budget Cuts?

    History says with the end of involvement in Afghanistan and a democratic administration more interested in 'domestic programs' another major downsizing of the military is coming as was the case in the early 90s after Desert Storm. I believe there will be major across the board cuts in military...
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    Best Citadel '21 Graduation Speech

    The only thing I remember about my classes graduation is that the speaker was Admiral Stansfield Turner, CIA Director and USNA classmate of then Citadel President Admiral James Stockdale. I was so thrilled to be finished that I was in a state of euphoria.
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    Federal agencies like FBI, DEA and Secret Service are highly selective so everything you can do to strengthen the resume is a plus and most employers love to hire folks with a military background especially if you have experience in OSI, Military Police or Intelligence. I know quite a few...
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    2nd LT on way out over TikTok post

    well if people haven't figured out by now what is acceptable in social media they are too stupid to be in the military, I am betting the CMSAF had a come to Jesus meeting with the COS and SECAF.
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    SecDef busts retired 2 Star down to 2d Lieutenant

    I does seem that senior officers get off lightly in the courts, that sentence is obscene. Last year the incoming Wing Commander at Andrews AFB was charged with 30 felony counts of possessing child pornagraphy and got 10 years probation.
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    you do know that "billyboy" is "NAS/Repatriot/Landy91"? Its bad enough that the guy has been...

    you do know that "billyboy" is "NAS/Repatriot/Landy91"? Its bad enough that the guy has been allowed to keep coming back repeatedly after being banned but now he is cloning himself to spite everybody.
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    2nd LT on way out over TikTok post

    Please expand, this is news to me
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    SecDef busts retired 2 Star down to 2d Lieutenant I say more power to him, guy is lucky he doesn't get...
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    Investigation confirms problems at VMI Maybe...
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    Supreme Court to Review if Draft Should Include Women

    women want equality and opportunity to perform all jobs in the military, why is this not a no brainer?????
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    Is Arlington imagery a no no in campaign ads?

    He is a civilian so the UCMJ doesn't apply. I personally am not offended by an ad of this nature, folks should be alot more concerned about the sleazy shows that fill the airwaves these days.
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    Investigation confirms problems at VMI

    You conveniently overlook the incident a few years ago when the sexual assault of a female cadet was not taken seriously and covered up. "Witchhunt" and "biased survey" are standard rationalizations when the message isn't a pleasant one.
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    Investigation confirms problems at VMI
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    Grad School

    It should also be noted that USAFA has a program for graduates to do a one year 'bridge' program at Vanderbilt University and get their Bachelors Degree in Nursing
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    Im sure this is a dumb question but how do the private military colleges work

    First, the only private military college is Norwich while the other SMCs are all public institutions. The Citadel and Norwich are NOT similar in their makeup as Norwich is equally divided between fulltime civilian students and cadets while The CItadel has an evening graduate and undergraduate...
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    Citadel Veterans Memorial, do other SMC have similar?

    Out of curiosity does Virginia Tech have a columbarium for alumni? The Citadel established one in the base of the Howie Bell Tower about a decade ago and there are ones in the cemeteries at USNA, AFA and USMA; apparently its a growing trend.
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    Does our time at the academy count towards our 20 years for retirement?

    No, the cadet time counts for retirement pay purposes but you must have 20 years of commissioned service for retirement.
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    Masters after SMC

    At The Citadel of those graduates who do not commission about 10% go directly to graduate programs, the acceptance rate of those applying to medical school is 83% versus the national average of about 27%