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    What's nearby?

    My mid has never refused a gift certificate from Kilwin's Chocolates on Main Street. :thumb:
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    Mid Charge

    Marine, glad you brought up the subject. My son, a plebe, has only used his mid charge account for books. It seems I read somewhere that refunds are issued twice a year. As far as we know, my son has not received a refund of unused funds for the first semester. Are the plebes funds handled...
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    Army/Navy game, who's going?

    We're going to our first Army-Navy game. Can't wait! GO NAVY!!! BEAT ARMY!!!
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    Baltimore Game

    The Member Calendar has the mids scheduled for the baseball game on August 8th and 9th but I can't vouch for its accuracy.
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    Thorton Studio

    I also am very grateful for the photos the ladies are posting at Dropshots. Those two ladies are giving so unselfishly of their time and have made the first week and a half much more bearable for us parents. Would someone please PM me with their names and addresses (or e-mails) so I can pass...
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    Meetin' up on I-Day

    PPW is August 10 - 12.
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    Aug 10-12, 2007 PPW

    Recognition Week When is Recognition Week and what happens?
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    advice on academy change

    If I wanted Navy, and Navy only, I would NEVER, EVER give least not until I was 23! Look how close he came to his goal considering they had almost 12,000 applicants for the c/o 2011 (applications were up approximately 1,000 from last year.)
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    Meetin' up on I-Day

    I'm game to gather for either but I would guess I'd be better company after PPW rather than I-Day. Nurseypoo--thanks for taking the time to try to organize a gathering.
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    Thank you very much TacticalNuke!
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    I tend to agree that the new view bothers my eyes.
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    What Happens if an Appointment is Declined?

    Situation: A candidate receives his MOC's nomination (the nomination is not a primary nomination nor are the nominees ranked) and subsequently he receives an appointment from the Naval Academy. If the candidate declines the appointment in several months, does the appointment slot go back to...