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    Waiver Process

    Hey all. I recently began the waiver process, and I have submitted all the pertinent information I can muster. For those who finished the waiver process at some point, how long did the decision take for you? Thank you!
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    High ALT on blood test

    Hey all! I recently turned in a blood test that had slightly elevated levels of ALT. Everywhere I research, I cannot find any mention of ALT in military regulations so I was wondering if anyone also had high ALT or other liver enzymes, and if so, what was your experience? Thank you
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    Remedial Request

    I recently was alerted that I had a remedial Request. They just want some documentation for a hospital visit. This wasnt a serious visit and I won't be disqualified for the details that arise from this. Does this mean that aside from the extra documentation, I am largely qualified?
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    CFA File Confusion

    Hello all, Four months ago, I took my CFA and everything went great and I did really well on it. I also paid strict attention to form, and filmed the videos exactly how I was supposed to. Once it was submitted, it was soon marked "Completed" in my file. Flash forward to now, mid december, and...
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    What are my chances?

    I'm a junior at a small private school wondering how I stack up against the competition for admission to Westpoint: 4.39 cumulative gpa, 1400 psat High honor roll 3 years, science fair honorable mention Model Congress member 2 years 3 Missions trips (2x Guatemala, 1x Philadelphia), 140 hours...