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    Prior Enlisted

    Any prior enlisted on this forum have their appointment? I am waiting to hear back from my admissions rep regarding an age waiver he has to get for me from the Dept. of the Army. Would like to send you a PM with some questions. Thanks.
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    Police Record Question

    Does anyone know if having a summary offense citation for public drunkeness is an automatic disqualifier for admission?
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    Hello, I am Corey O'Donnell. I am a former member of the class of 2009 at USNA. I have spent the last year and a half at a civilian institution. I am attempting to gain readmission to USNA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Readmission of former Midshipmen

    Does anyone know of any former midshipman being readmitted? Also, what is the admissions board looking to see to readmit a former Midshipman? I was able to voluntarily resign due to academic deficiencies.