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    WCS and Disciplinary Issues

    Does anyone know if a disciplinary issue would result in points deducted from a candidate's WCS? I had to go before a character review commitee for a suspension from freshman year and wonder if that would result in the deduction of points from my WCS?
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    Do you know if some people who go to NAPS are physically dq'd and are sent there to improve that? I understand most there are academically dq'd and are sent there to work on that but I'm just asking about that. Thanks
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    Character Review Committee

    Hi all, I was just contacted by admissions regarding a Character Review Committee and that my record was referred to this Character Review Committee? I really want to ask how this would work and how much of a shot do I got after this and how badly this would mess me up? Thanks a lot
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    3Q Question

    Hi, I'd like to ask how USNA and the other academies define how someone would be 3Q, especially how it pertains to academics? My ACT score is a 32 but I took really hard classes and got less than stellar grades in those classes, messing up my unweighted GPA while my weighted was okay because of...
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    NASS Acceptance?

    Have NASS acceptance letters come out? If so, are they all out or do they come out on a rolling basis? I applied two days after applications opened and have not heard much since. Is this a bad sign?