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    Odds of an AFROTC Scholarship?

    Odds? In percentage terms: 79.4-ish.
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    How many hours per week

    8-9 hours/week on average with an occasional (once per month maybe) surge in activity to 12-14 hours.
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    Odds of an AFROTC Scholarship?

    ACT is a bit low. Hire a good tutor, practice, see if you can raise it. Best of luck to you.
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    College Choice

    Purdue: freeze in winter but tremendous prestige. B1G sports. Midwest, 50/50 guy/girl ratio. ERAU: endless summer, less prestige. No sports. Florida, must go off-campus to get a decent guy/girl ratio. Can't go wrong either way but these are VERY DIFFERENT undergraduate college experiences. If...
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    AROTC Scholarship Applicants - Please Read

    If you're unhappy with your SAT/ACT, get an official test book and practice. Most importantly, START READING. Read good stuff: essays, biographies, memoirs, histories -- just get in the habit of READING EVERY DAY, for an hour or more. Below is a reading list for you to get started -- these are...
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    College Choice

    Can't go wrong either way, but these are very different environments. ERAU is much smaller -- it would be hard to make it "big." Purdue can be made "small," but a student needs to make a serious, sustained effort to make that happen.
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    Interview Question: What were the last three books you read?

    A few suggestions: Ulysses S. Grant, Memoirs Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff ...................The Bonfire of the Vanities E.L. Doctorow, Ragtime Leo Tolstoy, Hadji Murat Gore Vidal, Lincoln Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King Henry Kissinger, Diplomacy Robert Kagan, On the Origins of...
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    Guidance sought

    1. Don't use filler words 2. Maintain steady eye contact 3. Use the S-T-A-R format for relating mini-stories about how you organized a project to get a result, motivated a group, etc - situation (the challenge facing you) - task (required of you) - action (that you undertook) - results
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    ROTC Application

    In general, without knowing which branch(es) you're applying to, your rough order of priorities over the next 4 months should be as follows: SAT, Physical Fitness prep, LORs, medical records, and stories about project management and diversity. 1. First priority: boost your SAT score by signing...
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    AROTC scholarship accepted...what's next?

    Agreed. BLUF: Get to know one of the senior FA staff as soon as you can, and keep going back to that source for all things financial. The Financial Aid people are your best friend. They know how everything works, they're in touch with all the relevant parties, and they're in my experience...
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    Combine Academic Merit Scholarship from University + AFROTC Scholarship

    In this example, a nonresident student in possession of an HSSP Type 2 scholarship would receive $18,000, which the school would credit against the tuition portion of the Total for Nonresidents. That tuition portion = $8,718 Tuition [ i.e. the in-state tuition fee ] + $16,272 Additional Fee...
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    Cheapest Cost University or College per ROTC Branch

    Generally speaking, the cheapest four-year colleges and universities in this nation are either - about 7-8 tippy-top universities that offer extraordinary financial aid -- as much as 100% of tuition--to families earning less than $150k per year; or - flagship state universities, located mainly...
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    AFROTC Scholarship Out-of-state rate

    Very unlikely that U. Michigan will offer you the in-state rate. U-M is now as much a private school as a public one -- very little of their funding is from the State of Michigan, and only half or so of their undergrads are from Michigan. You should think of U-M as similar to Cornell or Rice...
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    AFROTC Summer Programs

    Project GO also has Year 1 Summer language training for people with no prior study or experience of the foreign languages they offer.
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    AFROTC Scholarship Predicament...

    Maybe AFROTC can be flexible and designate your Minor in Russian as equivalent to a Major. After all, the relevant point about a foreign language is facility in the spoken and written use of that language -- not the administrative designation of "major" or "minor." In other words, if you can...
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    AFROTC at University of Denver

    U Michigan has an excellent School of Music with one of the best teachers of cello performance in the US. Indiana U. (Jacobs) is world-class. As to other host schools, U. Miami (Frost) has a good music school as do USC, Boston U. and U. of Colorado. U. Rochester (Eastman) is probably the best...
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    Awarded AFROTC HSSP Scholarships Statistics?

    mtnwing I tried to pm you but it appear that you have to achieve some threshold # of posts before allows private conversations... maybe post 4x (?) more and then pm me? thx
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    Awarded AFROTC HSSP Scholarships Statistics?

    To EEBTTF's point, in my experience the HSSP selection process is actually much fairer and far more transparent than the elite college admissions process, which is riddled with BS and favoritism. (See the Harvard discrimination trial testimony for an appalling example of everything that's...
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    Awarded AFROTC HSSP Scholarships Statistics?

    It's a long journey. Chin up. Your son will very likely win one of the in-college scholarships as a freshman. Lots of threads here describing exactly that process. When the Lord closes a door, He opens a window
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    Awarded AFROTC HSSP Scholarships Statistics?

    The interview is usually the most important factor in awarding an AFROTC scholarship. Don't know about NROTC and AROTC.