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  1. GONAVY3237

    Middle School living abroad

    Hello. I am a US citizen in my last year of primary school in Switzerland. I know some say it's too early, but I want to try the best I can and be as prepared as possible to apply to USNA. I speak three languages, am Captain of the soccer team, play two instruments, etc. I would like to know...
  2. GONAVY3237

    Living Abroad

    I have lived abroad my whole life. This didn't allow me to do Girl Scouts, Sea Cadets, or CAP. I understand that many candidates have this advantage. What can I do to make up for that? Also, is the admissions process different?
  3. GONAVY3237

    Will multiple languages help?

    Hello- I was wondering if speaking multiple languages would give me an advantage. I speak English, French, and Spanish fluently since birth, plus I know the ASL alphabet :). Also, I have played classical piano since age 6, and trumpet since age 10. Any insights? Thanks!
  4. GONAVY3237


    Hi Guys! A question- USNA or USAFA? My goal is to become a pilot, so I wonder which is best. Any insights? Thanks, GONAVY3237