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  1. usnahopeful

    Company Assignments Have Been Mailed

    Welcome to Feisty 15 :)... the penthouse on 7-4
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    Questions for those who are/were involved with Sea Cadets.

    Your first thought should not be whether or not it enhances your resume but do you want to do it because you think you will have an awesome time doing it and learn a lot from it. If you are personnally driven to do something because it comes from a desire within you to want to excel in it and...
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    Permit to Report Packet

    Make at least one copy of everything to leave at home. The academy may accidently lose a piece of paperwork or it may not get there, etc. so be prepared for that possibility. And have fun with it! The back ground check I know gave some of my classmates the run around :)...
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    Shoes for Plebe Summer?

    It really doesn't matter what color of running shoe you have the only time you will wear them is to PEP. There was someone who showed up in army black and gold and there was no mention of this at all- you may stand out if you have a neon orange shoe but buy what you feel comfortable wearing and...
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    BioTechnology Class?

    There was a bio-tech and bio-manufacturing class at my high school and they essentially produced different things that bio-manufacturing companies produce. They did things with forensics, using different lab techniques, etc. It's a fun class- I was working on research so had a chance to help out...
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    facebook site

    Be very careful with those sites sometimes detailers can and will gain access to them and find out information about their soon to be plebes. I had one classmate in my company who our detailers knew some crazy things about :rolleyes:...
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    What do we not need?

    I went back and forth about whether or not I should bring the clothes that were mentioned in the PTR packet (I had some people tell me to bring them just in case and others telling me it was a complete waste of time, money, and space). I ended up bringing half of the recommended list... And my...
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    February Candidate Visit Weekend

    They call it the drag draft in some companies :)... We are all told not to say things that may only be one person's view of the Academy but people still do it of course. The one thing I can recommend is talk to as many plebes and upperclass as possible and ask tons of questions! And sift through...
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    PPW - Dates?

    According to our calendars it's the weekend of August 14th.
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    2014 Appointment Thread

    For everyone who have their appointments congratulations! For those still waiting don't lose hope and stay positive. Some words of advice though: If you have received your appointment, I know it's hard for some to make that decision and sign the acceptance or denial. But I highly advise making...
  11. usnahopeful

    Appointee Orientation?

    There really isn't any orientation you basically show up on I-day and it's welcome to the Academy now get in this line... But if you can contact your RD and set up a CVW I highly suggest that!! Good luck!
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    2013 Calling to 2014.

    I'm glad you're back xrunmariarunx! :)... Like she said there is a lot of current plebes who would be more than happy to answer questions on pretty much anything so ask away or PM us! I'm sure we can get a couple of our other shipmates on here too. For everyone out there waiting I know you...
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    Private Oath on I-Day

    There should be a paper with information on it in your permit to report packets.
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    2014 Appointment Thread

    I remember this feeling last year! Have fun :) and relish your time left with your friends and family. Also congratulations!
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    California Senator Nomination

    Feinstein was the only one of our state Senators to contact me about a nomination for the class of 2013 (I'm not sure if Boxer did any- so far I haven't been able to find any of my classmates who got one from her). I also had one with my Congresswomen (Tauscher). Feinstein's was pretty awesome...
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    USNA college application review

    I applied under fall semester: full high school and 15 units of college load, graduated in December and went to college full time spring semester. My application was reviewed in late August (I had everything in by May of my junior year) and I received a LOA around the middle to late September. A...
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    I believe all candidates are notified by letter from the Academy when they are found 3Q'd. There is a thread that USNA1985 posted at the top of the Naval Academy forum that talks a little about 3Q: What does it mean to be "triple qualified?" That means USNA considers you qualified...
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    NAVY-Air Force Football 03OCT09

    The game was awesome!!! The plebes were so into it and were making as much noise as possible!!! :) HOORAH NAVY!!! :)...
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    CVW - what to bring?

    Definitely don't where a full on suit... someone did that and it looks very out of place :)... Also bring a rain coat too it's been raining off and on down here so you never know. Cell phones are good and also bring like a book or something because whoever you're dragging may have homework...
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    Academy Visit Question

    There are dates in the Spring, just email your RD and ask him/ her about it. CVW was an awesome experience last year! NASS was awesome as well but when you attend CVW you'll get a chance to see how your life will be for at least the next year :)... I definitely recommend it! We've already had a...