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  1. OldRetSWO

    Am I Competitive Enough Thus Far To Get Into The USAFA?

    You are a little behind on testing. I tell my candidates that they should have taken the PSAT by now, hopefully the first time as a sophmore and then PSAT as scheduled in the fall of Junior Year with the FIRST runthru of SAT and ACT by the end of December to allow time for improvements in the...
  2. OldRetSWO

    CVW.... parent plans?? (October 17-19, 2019 )

    This I haven't seen a march on in many many years. Too much other stuff keeps me away.
  3. OldRetSWO

    Boys State vs SLCDA, which one is more important to Academy Admissions if you could only attend one of them?

    From the standpoint of admission to USNA, you answered your own question here. "We KNOW that all of the service academies really like Boys State, and that it counts for a lot of admissions points" versus "I can't help but THINK that SLCDA is at least as valuable as Boys State" From an...
  4. OldRetSWO

    Presidential Nomination Question

    You are eligible. I'm very aware of ow this nomination works and you are covered. Him being 62 is not an issue - the age 60 was listed because reservists don't get retirement pay until age 60. For this writeup, he is "Retired With Pay"
  5. OldRetSWO

    How about those mids?

    This sounds like a plebe rumor. Has anyone with any authority made a statement that it was limited to plebes?
  6. OldRetSWO

    What if I'm interested in two academics?

    Exactly this. I often discuss the specific career opportunities within the services. While I am not "from" the other services, I served in a number of joint commands and made sure to learn about the career paths and opportunities.
  7. OldRetSWO

    Double posting- for all service academies, does it give you a competitive advantage to finish early?

    It is an advantage because if there is a weakness identified, you might have time to fix it. . It is an advantage (potentially a big one) to get the medical qual done and out of the way because remedials can take a long time. . It is an advantage because, at the beginning of the Admissions Board...
  8. OldRetSWO

    The Zoomie at Navy!

    You're not you when you're hungry
  9. OldRetSWO

    Easiest Service Academy?

    Well, my daughter stayed at a Hampton Inn last week!
  10. OldRetSWO

    The Zoomie at Navy!

    I knew Ry's father when he was a mid
  11. OldRetSWO

    The Zoomie at Navy!

  12. OldRetSWO

    official visit for athletics

    I seriously doubt it due to HIPAA regulations.
  13. OldRetSWO

    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    Thank You! Recon Raids are supposed to be sub-rosa and definitely edgy. The fact that permission is a part of it has kind of watered down what used to be a great sense of accomplishment.
  14. OldRetSWO

    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    Away the Morale Supression Team Away!
  15. OldRetSWO

    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    The fully rigged Sailboats placed on the Dant's table in King Hall was a winner my 1/C year. So was moving the A4 up onto Red Beach kind of pissed off the administration because getting it back down was pretty difficult (They did not ask the mids to move it back where they got it) During my...
  16. OldRetSWO

    Fluent in arabic; does it help my application?

    FYI "partially read" is not what most military organizations would consider "fluent"
  17. OldRetSWO

    NJ Service Academy Info Day tomorrow

    Its good that they both were there but they both rely heavily on the results of their interview teams.
  18. OldRetSWO

    Sport Recruitment

    As a runner or a swimmer, it should be very easy to compare your times to those of the corresponding USNA teams to see where/if you have a shot. Of course you can and should contact the coaches but you should already have a pretty good idea of where you stand with regard to making the team
  19. OldRetSWO

    Sport Recruitment

    This pretty much nails it. To be honest, I ended up with a closer relationship with my varsity teammates than with many of my companymates which is only now, after 40 some years changing to the point where I see my companymates more than my teammates. With teammates, I find that the bonds are...