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    Goodbye All!

    Fair Winds and Following Seas to you and yours.
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    Is USMA more "liberal arts" than USNA?

    DD has a BS although her major was Chinese. Who thought that a Chinese major would have to pass Thermodynamics?
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Wen DD and DSIL are at the house for a visit the breakfast menu includes, 1Lb Bacon for SIL and 1Lb for the rest of us. Unless we can sneak some of his.
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    Service assignments for 2020

    DD did not consider seven years MC Officer fun but it was a great life experience with all the ups (FUN) and downs. Now studying for LSAT. That prior experience may help on the applications but who knows.
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    A sign?

    Just like when "Stinky Pete" retired at Paris Island there is always a backup.
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    Service assignments for 2020

    DD one summer block did BOOMER out of Kings Bay. Commander was same Annapolis Company so let her drive and dive. Great experience but said never SUB. It's like EOD. It takes special people.
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    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    Anything with a chair might work They don't call us "The Chair Force" for nothing ". Hope for a great game.
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Gave up cutting our own when youngest would not carry the buck saw or help drag out. Now have great fake stored in the mudroom. DD and grandson are coming while SIL is deployed. Mom wants to put up and decorate now for a Christmas welcome in November.
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    A Centenarian Sister Vet

    MIL was a WAVE so others could fight. FIL was ARTY "Battle of the Bulge". Father was Bombadier Navigator WWII. SIL is Marine Pilot and just deployed. DD just left active duty as Marine Captain. Son is now LT USNR and working Military Sealift Command. We owe them so much. We have a...
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    Army-Navy Star Series

    Navy tonight at Memphis. Should be a great game. Go NAVY.
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    Plan B option - Aggies By the Sea

    Any ROTC backup is a good idea. DS did not make Academy on two tries but still got his USNR commission through NROTC. Those ship bridge simulators are awesome.
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    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    DD was "involved" with banner hangings from all the light poles from Academy to Stadium. Annapolis police showed up with the spotlight. The only comment was "don't fall, the paper work will take us all night".
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    My son received an LOA today! So excited!!

    When that big door slams it becomes real whatever the way.
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    Two Months Post First-Time Visit to the Yard

    DD and DSIL met at TBS although they graduated in the same class they never knew each other until TBS. What is that percentage? DSIL just deployed and I will have my DD and grandson for six months. Can't wait for his first snow fall and sleigh ride.
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    LOA for class of '23

    It must be a universal Lawyer thing. Our Lawyer at work and I had a running joke. When ever I wrote a letter or document and handed it to him for review I would also hand him a pencil. He would always find something on the page that needed just a tweak. We would always laugh.
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    Crisis at the Mexican border

    Thank God my DD is no longer an Adjutant at Pendleton. This is going to be a nightmare, forget the commander, and just think of the junior officers that have to handle this.
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    USNA Basketball

    If your Mid has young siblings bring a blanket and get "Bill The Goat" tickets for football during nice weather. North end and you will see all the pushups close up. Little DD was hoisted into the stands (I know not allowed) but she and all the Mids loved it. Yes, they do get charged for...
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    How many service academy appointments does each state get per academy?

    At the "Welcome Aboard" lunch at the Capitol while my Mid met with the incoming new appointees I met with the parents. Only one father was prior service and child did not qualify for any appointments other than Congressional Nomination. All the other parents had no idea what the next four...
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    How many service academy appointments does each state get per academy?

    One year from a very small State we had Thirteen Appointments to USNA. All were from the ten nominations allowed from each member of Congress each year. Not all were Charged but they all got in.
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    2019 candidate weekend

    DD had a LOA and did not get an invite to CVW. BGO set one up for her through admissions although she had visited there before. Worst cold in February for many years and it was brutal. Don't sweat it. As NavyHoops says just call Admission or BGO and ask. They will process the request with...