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  1. GoCubbies

    Just curious

    There is data published annually by the Accessions Medical Standard Analysis and Research Activity. My memory is fuzzy in terms of whether the data includes DODMERB (officer accessions). I know it does include enlisted accessions (generally via MEPS). You (or the group here) can decide if the...
  2. GoCubbies

    Can college ROO’s see all AROTC “BOARDED” candidates?

    My DD got a couple dozen cold emails last year within a couple weeks of the board results coming out. A couple programs even offered to write a LOR for my DD from the PMS to the admissions committee.
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    Optional essay question

    My DD did the optional essay last year. The general thought is optional essays, for regular colleges and SAs, should be done.
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    NROTC to Med school

    If you’re in NROTC and want to go directly to medical school, then you are definitely in the wrong program. NROTC allows zero mids to go to medical school upon graduation from college. They have allowed in the past and may in the future, but not now. If you really don’t want to serve in the...
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    MD vs PA

    From a military medicine perspective, it doesn’t matter between a physician and a PA- for the most part. There are a few things a PA cannot do like some services limit the duration and type of a profile they can write. The Army doesn’t allow PAs to be the deciding factor in qualifying and...
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    When is the latest I could take the CFA?

    I got a friend who was a SF officer before he went to medical school. He had lots of badges on his chest and tabs (Special Forces, Ranger, and Presidents Hundred) on his shoulder. I asked him about the Presidents Hundred tab because it’s hard to get. It’s a sharpshooting badge. I specifically...
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    Eye Exam

    DODMERB eye exam info: - soft contact lenses removed at least 72 hours before exam - rigid contact lenses removed at least 21 days before exam - color vision using 14 PIP plates - near point convergence - ocular motility and binocular vision - check for presence of suppression and double vision...
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    Too Late To Be Scheduled?

    You’ll be fine. Plenty of time to schedule a DODMERB exam. If one isn’t available in your immediate area, then there are over 400 other DODMERB-contacted docs (Concorde) with which to get appointed. Maybe you live in northern NJ and the next appointment isn’t until March 2020 (huge...
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    Citadel Class of '20 to get their rings.

    I thought smaller feet, but Corps is fine. :-)
  10. GoCubbies

    Citadel Class of '20 to get their rings.

    Those are puny compared to a VMI ring. Congrats on the ring anyway.
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    Go Keydets!

    Rah Virginia Mil!!! Rats out of the Ratline for this weekend!!!
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    Recruiting problem

    If you haven’t been to MEPS yet, then you will get to complete another form that asks for your medical history. You can provide the additional info at that time. You should have all the medical records of the hernia surgery with you though at that first MEPS visit. If you say you’ve had hernia...
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    New AROTC Deadline

    For the first couple of boards last year, the decisions came out a couple weeks after the board met. Hopefully, the December board is early in the month so the results can post before Christmas. Trying to get anything out of the government during the holidays is tough. Good luck to all.
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    Army ROTC Scholarship Fitness Test

    Not similar. For the leg tuck, you have to flex your waist and hips so that your knees or thighs touch your elbows. Your elbows are flexed with the hands in an alternative grip. Need to have good ab muscles in addition to having good upper body strength to keep hanging on the bar.
  15. GoCubbies

    Presidential Nomination

    All you have to do use the template in the link you provided and request a presidential nom. You also have to include a letter from a parent’s unit confirming active duty status of said parent. If I recall, my DD used snail mail to send the 2 documents to USAFA. No other documents needed. So...
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    Mistake on Personal Statement

    I feel for you. My DD applied last year. She made an error in the essay too. I think she might have been in a hurry to submit it in the early summer to trigger the DODMERB exam. The error was in content and not in grammar and such. I take some blame for it too because she asked me to proofread...
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    Medical Waiver

    You need to explain a little more. I’ve never heard of someone getting a medical DQ based on a condition in a first degree relative and not the applicant himself/herself.
  18. GoCubbies

    Applying Early Decision

    I’m here to tell you applying ED to a school and getting accepted has just reduced your DS’s option to 1 school. No weighing options at that point. So if schools game the system, then that still doesn’t make it right for us to game the system. Your DS was in a similar situation as my DD...
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    Applying Early Decision

    I would raise issues if I were a school. The primary intent of ED is to attend the school if selected NOT to increase your chances to attend it as a back-up in case you don’t get accepted to the school you really want to attend - service academy or not. It’s using the system selfishly IMHO...
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    Applying Early Decision

    Duke comes out and says there is an advantage when applying ED. They also say on the website “There are students for whom applying ED can make all the difference.”