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    Automatic Hijack Thread

    Build a man a fire, you'll keep him warm for one evening. SET a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.:redface:
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    WWl and Photography

    Hmm, never thought about the library angle. I thought it might make an interesting piece on loan to the Imperial war museum in London -- that, by the way, is one of the best museums of its kind I have ever seen. You can walk through a WWI re-created trench. It even smells realistic! And...
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    WWl and Photography

    Well this won't be a help but here's an interesting story. My grandfather was an arial photographer for the Germans in WWI. I have a large book that has picture after picture of every city that his unit was in during the war. It's a great chronical and it is filled with names and stories --...
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    Iran Next??

    Ok, I'll start. The air force times had an article that stated a move on Iran would be mostly conducted by the Navy and the Air Force. Any comment on that and/or whether or not you think that the US is likely to attack Iran?
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    Class of 2011 Programs

    At USAFA there is orientation for accepted candidates. That takes place in early April and there are presentations for parents and candidates. It's quite informative. Usually there are 2-3 to choose from. I was pretty sure the other academies had similar events. Also, each state has one or...
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    Computer Security added to AF mission.

    Not if he looks like that picure! :biggrin:
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    Candidate Visits

    FoF -- in the visitor center is a short film that runs continuously. I thought it wasn't bad. There are some nice exhibits there and, of course, more memorobilia and clothing than you can imagine. From there you can take a nice walk to the chapel which you may want to do to watch the noon...
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    Looking for Advice

    Of course, read the website: But also, leadership in any form is important to have and to stress on the application. Extracurriculars that you have focused on and show consistency is more important than having many. Lacrosse is probably more favorably looked at...
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    Change on Status

    That's also the way it happened to my son - currently class of 2010. Good luck!
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    Nomination Letter

    Also, I'll disagree slightly with the above. I'd stay away from anything too political at this point. JMO.
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    USAFA Cheating Scandal

    Good post. It will be interesting to see if the academic performance issue persists beyond class of 2010. If it doesn't, it's probably an anomaly not worthy of focus. If it does, I hope it will be a LOT of people's focus!
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    Just when you thought people couldn't possibly get more stupid...

    That is a great story! Thanks for posting it.
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    USAFA Cheating Scandal

    USNA69 -- careful about assumptions behind the statement that this is the lowest performing class ever. Their admission stats were the highest (what Hornetguy referred to). Their relative performance this year could well be 1) that USAFA has experienced a pendulum swing back to the hardass...
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    I-Day: Alone or with Family?

    Our son was not sure. We told him it was his call and he ultimately decided he wanted us there. We went and it was fine, but I actually think it might have been better if we weren't there. It was a little easier for us to be there but it may have made it a little harder for him. Take your...
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    JROTC Gone From San Fran Schools

    I think this is a common misconception. Don't mean to get too offtrack on this thread but mean hosehold income for recruits in 1999 was 41,141 (in 2000 dollars) compared with the general population median of 41,994. 2003 recruits had an avg income of 42,822. 98% of recruits have a high school...
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    Hmmmm, wonder why my son wasn't aware of this. Thanks for responding.
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    Sorry, what is "grassroots"?
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    So what DO we do in Iraq?

    There was a heated family discussion this weekend -- we are sorely divided over Iraq and the Bush administration. But an interesting set of questions were posed: Why have so many terrorists found their way to Iraq? How important is Iraq to terrorist organizations? Why is it more...
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    Skydiving problem

    So, what ever happened? What's the final decision on the skydiving question????
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    Election Changes

    :shake: Good one!