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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    Change: 14. Marian / DS / No LOA / Appt. Jan 19, 2017 / Accepted-4/6/17 / PA-06 / Congressional Nomination-Costello 1. WestPointRudy / DD / LOA / Appt. Dec 28, 2016 / Accepted / MN-03 / Congressional and Senatorial Nomination 2. SBBM9901 / DS / LOA / Appt. Oct 24, 2016 / Accepted / FL /...
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    DS still on EA Waitlist. We have not visited again since his overnight in the Fall. Received his USMA appointment in January, but is still waiting on USCGA.
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    Good or Bad?

    Wcyeung123-That was a very mature and heartfelt post. So sorry to hear the news, but I can already tell from your tone and sincerity, you will be successful in whatever you do, especially as a leader. Keep up your enthusiasm and BTW, your admissions officer should be giving you input on...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    My son got his TWE today via email. Disappointed, but over it by the time he got home from school. He had Congressional and Senatorial nominations, and got his West Point appointment in January, waitlisted EA at Coast Guard. So I believe it's off to the Army in about 96 days!! PA-06
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    My son is PA-06, still waiting, but did not have nomination to AFA, only Navy & West Point.
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    FFR Interview - Next Steps

    My son applied to all 4 academies and got his appt to USMA in January, EA Waitlist at USCGA and waiting to hear from Navy and AF. In my opinion, any and ALL interviews should be taken very seriously. We invested in a new navy suit with adult dress shoes, light blue shirt and conservative tie...
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    What are your backup schools?

    Early Action Wait List USCGA Accepted-AFROTC-Pitt/Univ South Carolina Engineering Accepted USMA-undecided Waiting to hear-USNA/USAFA
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    Finally Got the E-mail

    Hi everyone, so sorry to hear about all the TWEs today. Were you notified by email that your portal updated or was the notification only in your portal? Just curious. Thanks!
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    USMA Online or Mail Notification of Admission?

    My son got the BFE sent USPS Priority in January. He had no idea it was coming. Portal updated the next day. Still undecided and waiting for NAVY appt or rejection!!
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    Decline SLE after accepting

    My son had a conflict with last summer's PA Boy's State. He was advised to attend ANOTHER STATE'S Boy's State Camp. He looked up when other states had theirs and wound up attending NH's and loved it. May be worth a try. The NH folks were nice as pie and welcomed him.....took some leg work up...
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    PA Nominations-class of 2021

    Follow up Rejected by Casey 3 weeks ago. Admission to USMA 3 weeks ago-PA-06 nomination Still waiting to hear on USAFA and USNA Still waitlisted at USCGA Undecided on USMA-will accept if rejected at USNA and/or USAFA
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    Congrats!! What PA Congressional district?
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    USMA Required Immunizations

    Thank you everyone-great help. He received 3 vaccines today and will get a few more in the upcoming months. This first phone number got a nurse on the line, she was able to give me the correct information.
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    USMA Required Immunizations

    DS has never been vaccinated and will be starting them tomorrow. I cannot seem to find what is actually required for admittance, or at least to have them started before R-Day. Does anyone have this info? Also tried call WP multiple times and could not get a live nurse. Thanks!
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Hi USCG Master, I asked this on another thread. My DS is on EA WaitList and just got his USMA acceptance packet on Thursday. Is it advisable to let USCG know of his West Point acceptance in order to bolster his CG application? His 1st choice is USCGA, he is also waiting on USNA for which he has...
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    Early Action Statistics

    Thank you for the data. My son is EA WaitList, and just received his West Point acceptance this past Thursday. He also has 2 USNA nominations and is waiting on that decision, as well as USAF. Question: Is the WestPoint acceptance something he should be letting the other Service Academies know...
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    My son just received his acceptance in the mail today. Marian/DS/no LOA/Appt. Jan 19, 2017/Undecided/PA-06/Congressional Nomination
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    The Acronym List

    Is there somewhere on the portal that states your are 3Q or is it an internal designation that only admissions sees/awards?
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    500 USMA Appointments Mailed Out Today

    What is a "3Q" letter??