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  1. ChipAyten

    Red Wings vs. Penguins

    Alrighty come one come all, place yer' bets. Will the Wings repeat and win their 12th 'La Coupe Stanley'? Or will 'Sid the kid' solidify his legitimacy as a true NHL superstar by beating the team that knocked him out of the finals one year prior? Only time will tell. And if your not a hockey fan...
  2. ChipAyten

    So, I'm off

    So I'm leaving early Saturday morning, going to be a long drive up to Northfield VT (like 6 hrs) but I think I can make it. First day/Rook Arrival is on Sunday and it will all start. Needless to say I'm going to get pwned :shake: Haha oh well. I obviously wont be able to give as much of my oh so...
  3. ChipAyten

    Happy Birthday UNITED STATES!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Forth of July!
  4. ChipAyten

    Happy Birthday WAMOM!!!!!!!

  5. ChipAyten

    When does...

    When does the sub title of class year lose "prospective" and 2007 gain "alumni"? just wondering. :thumb: Army Strong
  6. ChipAyten

    Best war movie

    Listed a few to vote on. Saving Private Ryan takes the cake for me with Patton a close second.
  7. ChipAyten


    I will probably give it another go in applying to USMA even though I have an ROTC scholarship. I was just wondering would I be able to get out of my ROTC contract if I get an appointment to USMA and does having the scholarship at all help my chances? Funny how I say I will apply again but...
  8. ChipAyten

    Never say never

    Well after a long time today I recieved my formal offer for a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship to Norwich University. I didnt think I was going to get it, but meh... seems like the Army's troop expansion thought otherwise :shake:
  9. ChipAyten

    Spiderman 3

    Pretty darn awesome, best one in the series I think. If you havnt, go see it. :thumb: And the rangers are going to take a 3-2 lead over the sabers tonight capping off a pretty good day
  10. ChipAyten

    Virginia Tech Shooting

    It being a Senior Military College I figure it deserves some talking about here.
  11. ChipAyten

    Best service uniform

    Ok so which branch has the best looking uniforms, got pics of each branch. Please try to leave out any bias toward your own branch. Even with that said i still have to give the Army's dress blues the nod. :shake: Army Dress Blues Navy Pearl Whites Marine Corps Dress Blues Air Force...
  12. ChipAyten


    :eek: Nice new forum design, looks like something youd find on an air force forum
  13. ChipAyten


    Gone are the winter blues and boo hoo's bring on the sunshine and baseball. Anyone got any cool plans for the next few months?
  14. ChipAyten

    What would you be doing if you did not enter your branch of service?

    Although its too early for me to say what I "would" have done I can say that if i decided not to pursue an Army commission I would probably be a Police officer (NYPD) or Firefighter (FDNY) :thumb:
  15. ChipAyten

    Army martial arts

    I know the Marine corps has a martial arts training course. I'm interested in it but I am taking the path of a soldier not marine, so I was wondering if there is or will there ever be any similar type of training for soldiers? If not is there at all a possibility to attend the marine training...
  16. ChipAyten

    State University of New York: Maritime

    Anybody applying, interested in attending? Its a lot like MMA click
  17. ChipAyten

    Are you kidding me?

    The video will explain. :thumbdown: :thumbdown: edit: just realized this was a few months old, w/e still a dumb idea
  18. ChipAyten

    Happy 2007!

    To all past, present and future servicemen/women and their families, have a fabtastic new years!
  19. ChipAyten

    Got accepted to Norwich!

    WOOT WOOT! :thumb: :thumb: :shake: :tank1: :jump1: Dont know how much this "contributes" to the forum but i just wanted to put it out there, ME SO HAPPY! Got the letter in the mail today, and a T-shirt and bumper sticker too. LOL i threw away all my other paper applications as well since...
  20. ChipAyten

    Decision 06' What will it mean for our uniformed servicemen

    I will reserve my opinion on this matter, i was just wondering what you guys think will happen if either the democrats or republicans take or hold congress.