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    How should a congressperson be addressed in a letter of recommendation?

    I have several people writing letters of recommendation for me for service academy nomination applications. How should they address those letters to the congressperson? I've seen several ways online... -Dear Senator John Doe, -To whom it may concern, -Dear Board of Nominations, -Dear Honorable...
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    Seeking revisions for nomination application essay

    Hello, all! I'm currently working on nomination application and hoped you all may have some tips for my essay. I have numerous others looking over it, but you all have a great understanding and experience. This is just the first draft, so please feel free to tear it apart. :) Essay prompt: Why...
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    Re-use letters of recommendation?

    I'll be submitting 3 nomination applications to Senators and the District Rep for USNA. I'll then be submitting 5 more nomination applications to other District Reps for USMMA. Most MOC request 3 letters of recommendation per application, so I'd like to divide those up by have one writer cover...
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    Congressional nominations- letters of recommendation?

    On senator and house representative websites, they give the information for nomination application, but some require letters of recommendation and some don't mention it at all. Do some congressmen/women not require any letters of recommendation for their application process, or should I submit...
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    Academy Congressional Nominations?

    I'm looking to apply for 3 Academies: CGA, NA, and MMA. What are the rules for receiving nominations for NA and MMA? CGA: No nomination need, I understand that. NA and MMA: I can receive nomination from either 2 senators and any house rep in my state, or only the rep from my district? Basically...