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  1. J

    Is it with trying again?

    I am about to graduate college in May. I want to be an officer. I tried for the USNA last year and was waitlisted. Should I try again, or go for OCS?
  2. J

    Officially the end of the USNA road for me

    I received my TWE yesterday after being waitlisted for a month. It's been a fun ride, and maybe this is for the best. This was my first time applying and I'm in my third year of college (going into my fourth), so I won't be eligible for the next class I think
  3. J

    Wait-list Mailed Letters

    Does the USNA Admissions Office send letters out for those on the wait-list? I want to surprise my parents and I need to know if I need to be on the lookout.
  4. J

    Plebe Summer Weekends

    I am participating in my sister's wedding which falls on August 19 (a Saturday) and I was wondering, if I get appointed to the USNA off the waitlist, would I be able to take the weekend off to go be in my sister's wedding? (first post, longtime stalker of this board)