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    nonunion pinky toe?

    OP may not know that. If so, good for him for not emailing personal info. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t know [emoji23] Blessed to have Dodmerb forum GOAT back helping.
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    New Parent to Forum

    FANTASTIC New Guy/Gal [emoji23] WELCOME! you like bacon? That a popular place to hang out.
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    Chances of getting into USAFA with at least three already admitted students in my county?

    I see you are a new member, welcome! This is a common question, and your wonderments are understandable. The big, general answer is that the nomination/appointment 'puzzle' is put together in a way in admissions that isn't black and white. Or even understandable sometimes. There are a lot of...
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    Service academy acceptance

    ...especially when you have to take into consideration that an appointment takes into account your competition. Maybe someone would receive 2 appointments one year that wouldn’t receive any in a different year. That part isn’t up to the individual. It out if their hands. Too many moving pieces...
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    Personal Statement Critique

    One of the most challenging classes thus far for my MIDN was freshman English. BC he isn’t a ‘writer’. After he got through it, I was telling him ‘congrats you are DONE forever with English’ (he hates that class). His response? I’m never done writing. I’ll be doing it for every class. And then...
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    New registration paperwork question

    Yes! TY, helpful.
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    Personal Statement Critique

    Poster is an applicant. I sure wouldn’t recommend looking at a fellow applicant’s essay as an example. Plenty of other ways to get help. If you are looking at formatting? Write a draft and get help from your English teacher. See CaptMJ’s sage advice above. This posters story isn’t yours. Nor...
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    Personal Statement Critique

    Don’t recommend doing this...applicants need to do their own work. If writing isn’t their thing, they need to figure out how to do it on their own. Getting critiques from English treacher’s, other people? Yes. But don’t send your stuff to others. ESPECIALLY to unknown people on the internet...
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    Should all congressional noms be out by now?

    I actually haven’t really thought much about this: MOC’s that have earlier deadlines, submit their slates early, and end up having applicants on their slates that don’t complete their academy application [emoji848]. I wonder how all that works. Do they add another candidate to their submitted...
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    Mention MidSib in NASS Personal Statement or Not?

    I wouldn’t recommend to use is as a ‘name drop’ kind of thing, but certainly if older sister plays into it? Then yes. Our DS mentioned bc he had a lot of his exposure through older bro, and has had a lot of in depth discussion about USNA with older bro. He was indeed part of the interest level...
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    New registration paperwork question

    Anyone out there who has completed their NSI paperwork? DS brought one to me that has me flamboozled. The dental one. To me it looks like its to be completed by them, but it comes with highlights, and the instructions for the whole packet say to send everything back completed. I have looked...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Same explanations and responses to seeing recruited athletes on your slate. Doesn’t mean the nom is gone. Hang in there and don’t worry!
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    Low ACT, no nom, are the chances bad?

    It’s not clear to me if you ONlLY took the ACT/SAT once? You will improve with studying and taking it multiple times. Also DO take the SAT, you don’t have to take it only at your school. You can travel to other locations. Highly recommend that you do BC those honestly are quite low. And you may...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Over 6” here...puppers loves it!
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    Potential Disqualification Question

    @MullenLE graciously offers help if you haven’t already received the offer in your other threads. Not sure if you posted in the DODMERB forum or not but that’s where he hangs out a lot.
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    Top 5 movies

    We are having a blizzard. Will be renting Joker tonight on our big tv/sound bar/surround sound and nacho/chili bar. Hunkering down. How about this: what’s the last movie you saw in a theatre? For me it was forced family fun while the MIDN was home and it was Midway. Before that it was The...
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    Practical issues for being at Academy under age 18

    The problem is more from the hotel side, VS the traveler. They now require ID (I believe post 911 homeland security requirement) at check in, and most (all?) don’t allow younger than xxx age per policy.
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    Practical issues for being at Academy under age 18

    RE: hotel issue....I had this with two separate candidates. First one I called the hotel and pre-approved it. Second I had a close small Airbnb I pre-approved as well. Reaching out is helpful, both situations went flawlessly!!
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    NROTC Selection Status

    It’s not unusual. He is in a pile of “maybe’s” at this point. Search out years prior ‘NROTC appointment’ threads and rejection threads for a better idea of timing of awards if you are into that kind of information. Good luck!!
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    Overnight visit

    My take on this is to be prepared to retake the CFA! That select candidates will. So maybe you will. Isn’t that what the list of possible activities says? That’s how I would roll. Maybe it’s a new thing, where people who didn’t score well will retake their CFA. How did you do (don’t need to...