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    4.5 years to graduate and OML

    DS asked his cadre this but didn’t get an answer. I know that typically they use your grades through the end of junior year for your OML points. Is that still the case if you have been approved to graduate in 4.5 years (engineering major). DS is half way through his junior year and was wondering...
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    I know I have seen some posts on the new branching system for AROTC but I’m still not clear as to how it works. DS is a junior and is telling me he has to put in his preferences for branching now already. I believe in the past this was done after camp / junior year at which point they would know...
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    CULP Guatemala

    This may seem trivial but this site has been so helpful in the past I figured I’d ask anyway. Has anybody had experience with CULP in Guatemala. If so do you know if WiFi is a available when they are at the military academy? DS will be going in July and while I don’t expect frequent...
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    Dropping a class

    Will dropping a class (getting a w grade) have any effect on DS’s scholarship. He is struggling with his workload as a sophomore engineering student and feels he could improve his grades if he reduced his credits for this semester from 18 to 16. I told him to check with the cadre before doing...
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    Summer schools AROTC

    Just wondering when cadets usually find out if they have been selected for any of the available summer schools. Thanks
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    Military intelligence

    I thought I had heard that you cannot branch directly in to military intelligence. Is that correct? Also if your goal is military intelligence does it matter what your major is? (DS is majoring in engineering- probably biomedical or environmental). Thanks!
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    Just wondering if the schools publish this to the cadets. DS is hoping for a summer training opportunity next summer and presumably where he stands on the OML will affect his chances of being selected. He feels that they are most likely going to give preference to the cadets that participate...
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    CULP l/ other summer opportunities for MS 1s

    It does not appear that DS was selected for CULP. When he logs on it says all missions are full. He thinks it may be related to a delay in admin processing his security clearance. Is that possible? Are there any other opportunities for MS1s for the summer that he would still be eligible to...
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    DS is contracted MS1 and applying for CULP for next summer. He doesn't have a strong preference for a particular location. Apparently they have to select a continent. He's assuming that as a freshman he is unlikely to get Europe. Are there any regions that tend to be less popular and...
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    Engineering/ extending scholarship

    DS is told to expect to take 4.5 to 5 years to complete his engineering degree and that his scholarship will be extended accordingly. Does this extend his commitment after graduation? Thanks!
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    Travel reimbursement

    I think I read in DS's scholarship info that 4 year recipients get their travel reimbursed for their first trip to school. If they are driving do they just submit the distance and get reimbursed at a standard mileage rate? We are 700 miles from the school where he will be attending so could be...
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    I know there are several threads on which watch but DS doesn't think he needs one. " who wears watches anymore"? So... reasons to wear one? Thanks for your input.
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    104R academic plan

    I have seen several references to this and recommendations to try to get a head start on this. DS will be attending orientation in July and I believe he will meet with an academic advisor then to select his classes. I assume he should bring the form for that meeting. Will the advisor...
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    I have seen quite a few posts regarding watches for those going to the various service academies. Is this something you would recommend for AROTC also? DS will be going to Clemson and DD was looking for suggestions to get him as a high school graduation gift. Thanks!
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    Locked out of portal

    DS cannot access the AROTC portal. He may have entered his password incorrectly but there doesn't appear to be a way to reset it. It says that his account is locked out. There's an email address that he can contact but was hoping there might be an easier option to get back on. Anybody else...
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    Anyone else going to Clemson for AROTC?

    Clemson encourages cadets to live in one particular dorm and DS has been trying to find potential roommates using Clemsons Facebook. So far hasn't found anyone on there doing AROTC. Wondering if anyone in this board happens to be Tigertown bound? Haven't really heard it mentioned but figured...
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    Medical and eye exams complete what?

    DS had his eye exam and physical last week after being awarded an AROTC scholarship. He checked DODMETS site and it says incomplete? How long should it take for that to update? Should he follow up with the doctors' offices where he had his exams to make sure everything was submitted? I feel...
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    Medical exam

    DS had his medical exam for ROTC today. He does have a history of asthma but no issues since 2011. The doctor doing his physical saw it in his records but commented that it won't be an issue since it was when he was young and has had no issues for several years. Seems very encouraging but...
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    Allergies/ allergic rhinitis/ sensitivity

    There are some questions on the DODMERB form that seem to be similar... DS has an allergic reaction to dust... allergic rhinitis in his medical records. Does he need to answer yes to 3 different questions for that one issue. Allergies- or is this intended to mean food / drug type allergies...
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    Contents of BFE

    So... this makes DS sound really disorganized but he generally isn't. BFE came and Ds was excited to be a winner. Now he is getting ready to send in his acceptance and it Seems another member of the family may have discarded the envelope thinking it was empty. He was able to print a new...