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    Recent KP developments concrning SASH

    If you have not read the recent April 2018 posts over on the Kings Point Sentry, it is rather eye opening.
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    An Open Letter to Kings Point Applicants "A short time back, a high school student contacted me and said he was interested in attending the USMMA, and asked if I could describe the place a little for him. Being a recent graduate, I...
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    Dual License Program? 46 CFR 310.59(a)

    The USMMA currently offers the following programs: 1) Marine Transportation - A program combining nautical science and maritime business management. 2) Logistics and Intermodal Transportation - A program combining nautical science and logistics and intermodal management. 3) Marine Engineering -...
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    Does Jun Report date violate 46 CFR?

    The academic calendar shows a June report date, but 46 CFR 310.57e states mid-July. Is the USMMA violating 46 CFR? If so, has there been any official waiver or determination that the school does not need to follow regulatory law? USMMA Academic Calendar...
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    Containers 8 part series podcast

    This podcast discussing the global economy, a sailor's life, and containerization effects. Listen to Introducing Containers by Containers #np on #SoundCloud This is an 8 part series of some in depth information. USMMA students will...