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    Personal Property Insurance

    Do you have to have a homeowners or renters insurance policy before you can obtain that.? I looked it up to get a quote and it states you do or am I looking under the wrong thing?
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    Our DS just declined his USMA spot for another SA

    Highly doubt that it will be wasted if they are under the ideal number. WP isn't going to let that happen. Not everyone receives their offers by May 1st. They've earned the right to accept or decline after May 1st if their next offer came late. No person knows the circumstances but them...
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    For Those Awaiting an Appointment/TWE

    Thats fantastic! So much better when you have the support of your parents on this! Congratulations!!!!
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    Nominations from College

    Skype or FaceTime.
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    Cold Feet

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but...its longer than 9 years.
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    Bank accounts

    Opened my account a couple of days ago and had no problems with them. Sorry to hear so many of you are.
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    Status still 3Q, no appointment and no TWEq

    Fantastic school!!!! Congrats!
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    USNA Waiting List c/o 2021

    Im going to send you a PM
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    Flat Feet at USNA

    You may also want to post this under USNA. You may have more luck getting responses.
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    i was thinking more updates from people on this forum and not admissions. I assumed that would take some time.
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    I would have thought so too.
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    USMA vs. USNA

    I know of many and several currently going for their masters direct from USMA. Which is a huge plus in my book. Although, I'm sure USNA does the same I just haven't talked with many who have done so.
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    Youngster class schedule. Holy Crap!

    you're not kidding...went to SS last year and was with a recruited football player, whom I had met once before he started USNA, flat out said he was an average B student in HS and went to straight D's with an F and was on academic probation. Had a 27 ACT score too.
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

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    AOG Question

    I would call and at least show your continued interest. There will be more appointments I'm sure considering May 1st is Monday and not all people have decided yet.
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    USNA Waiting List c/o 2021

    Thank you for sharing that. Just needed that light and you've provided that for me.
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    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    Can i ask what sealed it for you?