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    Mold issue

    I please some ignorance is @GoCubbies a member? Saw the Wash U flag actually from St. Louis
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    Mold issue

    that's what we are trying to figure out how does he respond to any digestive order question on the form or from doctor. Last diagnosis would be mold, but initial ones contradict this, dont want to deceive but looks like mold the cause. Other issue is egos of GI doctors, they clearly missed...
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    Mold issue

    Son got diagnosed with UC then Crohn's. The meds from GI doctors did nothing but by seeing a diet specialist and getting off their meds he was playing rugby 2 months later. Then diet specialist saw he had signs of mold so took him to a doctor who specializes in mold. And his tests showed diet...
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    What to have in place knowing to ask for waiver for 3 year AMRY ROTC

    Son got 3 year to local state school, will start in Fall. Earlier this year was diagnosed with crohns maybe severe but now they are reconsidering. Found out from recent blood work he has mold in his system and his symptoms only showed up last spring and fall at school which has a severe mold...
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    Could I get waiver for Army service for Crohns that I haven't had for 18 years?

    my son was given rotc but was diagnosed with some kind of GI issue (first UC then Crohns) now not so sure so we are going to need a waiver also. It seems they jump the gun with this disease, for some kids they wait too long others they seem to assume right away . He only took the meds they...
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    waiver for crohn's disease

    interesting I would recommend that anyone who has this looks at Transfer Factor as a solution. This is considered a cure not the meds currently being given which contain this ailment into remission. My son has a very light version of it (not even really sure what yet). I would understand the...
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    GI Issues and a waiver

    Son been diagnosed first with UC then severe crohns not not severe and not positive. Trying a supplement (he had mild symptoms compared to the awful stuff kids are getting), anyone try a waiver with this yet? Thanks
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    3 year scholarship and merb waiver

    thanks he is senior in high school now, it is a long shot, but he has nothing to lose. he made it through football with only minor injuries and this came on the last month. They actually thought it was cancer at first so this outcome was better. He had wanted this his whole life so thought...
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    3 year scholarship and merb waiver

    Son may be awarded a 3 year scholarship next month. In December he was diagnosed with a GI disorder, first UC then Crohns now some kind of Crohn's light. There is a supplement we will try that has been successful that is not a RX prescription which has had success of eliminating disease...
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    Colotis issue

    Son waiting on ROTC got inflamed colon at end of football. No family history and only real symptoms were weight loss and loose stools. Had colonoscopy and they gave him steroid which seems to have cleared everything up, not sure of cause yet, could be allergy or unknown parasite. Is this a DQ...