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  1. armywife03

    What Happens Next After Offer of Appointment

    Congrats! Your portal will open again soon and you'll see the 2 admissable packets. The 1st one has a file that tells you the appts you may need to make (doc appt for immunizations, dentist for panoramic ) and the specific boots and shoes that your DS needs. You should be able to schedule the...
  2. armywife03

    TV Commercial

    We won WW II because of those brave men and women fighting at home and abroad- those seen and those unseen including Tuskegee Airmen, the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, the 100th Infantry Battalion and many others. They fought despite many injustices they received as american citizens. We...
  3. armywife03

    TV Commercial

    MLK fought for African Americans to have a seat at the table. Susan B. Anthony fought for women to have a seat at the table, Gary Blasi has fought for the poor to have a seat at the table. Many american citizens were invisible and not given a chance to reach that table. NO ONE will enter any...
  4. armywife03

    TV Commercial

    Brovol, Thank you for your work ensuring equality in your courtroom. I hope that we can agree that equal circumstances don't always land people in your courtroom, but I love that you will assure due process once anyone arrives there. Such is the case in colleges, universities and service...
  5. armywife03

    TV Commercial

    Oh my...That was a burn... In my household, "racist", "sexist" and "hate" are strong words. We don't use them lightly. I can honestly say that say that I don't think that this thread shows racist or sexist tendencies of some of the writers but more so their ignorance of "the other". If you...
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    TV Commercial

    Why do you think that race and gender are the only considerations? "We" distinguish institutionally for race, gender, region, state, socio economic class, sport, leadership abilities, extracurriculars, work experience, parental structure and the list goes on and on... In fact, special...
  7. armywife03

    TV Commercial

    Race/gender and highly qualified are not mutually exclusive. You do many servicemen and women a disservice when you assume that their numbers are lower simply because of their race and/or gender. In my life BC (before children), I worked in silicon valley as a software engineer. Then, there...
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    TV Commercial

    The world is changing. Advertising has to change to keep up. Most millennials and indeed most Americans buy products when they are advertised with people that look like them. We humans want to be able to see ourselves behind the wheel of that car, wearing those clothes and indeed attending...
  9. armywife03

    Torn: USMA vs. Yale

    Congratulations! You have an enviable dilemma. It never hurts to plan for the unexpected. Can you and your parents afford Yale if you decide to quit NROTC? My older daughter accepted a full ride athletic scholarship. 2 years in, she was hurt and could no longer participate in her sport. It...
  10. armywife03

    Feeling Undeserving of Appointment

    Zeno, you are not alone. Many students on their way to college experience "imposter syndrome". I experienced it after stepping into my first classroom 35 years ago at an elite, private university. I wondered if I was truly qualified. Maybe they admitted me to fulfill a quota, I speculated...
  11. armywife03


    My DS received a senatorial nomination from Gillibrand. We know of another candidate who received a senatorial nomination from Schumer. Both candidates are in Western New York and have been offered and accepted appointments to USMA. I do not feel that any slots have been reserved for downstate.
  12. armywife03


    As a mother of 3 (2 daughters and a son), I respectively add that I can be horrified at your incidents mentioned above and also outraged at this latest. When my angelic kids get in trouble and say "well at least it's not as bad as what my friend Joey did last week", my response is "this is not...
  13. armywife03

    USMA Dental X-Ray

    I put them in the envelope provided. A short time later (about a week), that item is now green on the portal.
  14. armywife03

    Blood Type - Proof of Blood Type, USMA

    Same here. I just sent the form in yesterday as-is without that information filled in. Waiting to see what options my DS has. I am assuming that he will get typed during Beast.
  15. armywife03

    Admissions from New York

    My DS has accepted- NY-27.
  16. armywife03

    USMA 2021 Appointment Thread

    64. armywife03/DS/LOA/Appt 1/26/17/Accepted/NY-27/Presidential, Senatorial(Gillibrand)
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    Anxiety builds when those feelings aren't shared with others. You did a good thing by reaching out to this forum. However, please talk to your parents or a trusted adult as well. I believe that you need to see your doctor for a checkup and blood work to start. Talk to your parents and doctor...
  18. armywife03

    Accepting Appointment but questions about permanent lower retainer

    Hi, my DS has a permanent lower retainer. I know that folks mentioned that he will have to send in his dental xrays. Does West Point require that retainer to be removed before R day? What happens during R day during the dental exam?
  19. armywife03

    USMA Class of 2021 R-day and Acceptance day dates

    Hi all, I've been lurking and learning for months now. Thanks to all that have posted questions and the many who have taken the time to answer. The Hotel Thayer has posted that USMA Class of 2021 R-Day is July 3, 2017 and Acceptance Day is August 19, 2017...