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    I just don't get why people need to post certain things...

    Per the discussion above, this thread might be worth dusting off once admissions is done...
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    NASS acceptance updates

    I think this topic gets as much attention as pretty much anything other than admissions and 3Q speculation. I agree with the experienced folks in that attending or not attending NASS probably does not have a massive effect on your potential for a nomination and appointment, so you shouldn't be...
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    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    So for the 'Big Envelopes' you're referring to above, I believe they are referring to your Permission to Report package called the PTR, not the BFE with the certificate you get upon appointment. The PTR is thicker and full of all the forms you need to fill out prior to I-day. DS had to request...
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    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    Respectfully disagree...both my PhD advisor at Stanford and I were SA grads and wouldn't have traded that time for anything...the SA's simply teach you things and challenge you in ways no where else does.
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    Color Deficiency

    Does anyone know the exact difference between the color deficiency standards between the USAF and USN/Marine Corps UPT pilot standards? I've heard that the AF standards are different (lower) than Navy/Marine Corps and was just wondering if anyone knows for sure? Sorry if this exists on another...
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    Movies about USNA or Navy

    Surprised no one has mentioned 'Midway' but it's always worth a couple hours to watch.
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    USNA I Day Photos - Your Plebe?

    I'm going to bet that 'Drunk Old Grad' is the same troll previously known as 'pallen92x' given the obsession with the carts and statements disrespecting anyone and everyone. Glad he/she was banned expeditiously in this latest persona.
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    Boys State

    One small piece of advise, from a guy who was elected Boy's State Governor a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...I worked my tail off around the debate, determination and authoring of our party's platform. I had 3 or 4 guys stop by my room the first day advocating themselves as the...
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    Never heard of anyone attending both academies...just curious how that happened and your thoughts on such? Or did you do the semester abroad at one or the other?
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    It's also worth noting the number of drone slots the USAFA pilots end up with compared to USNA where the superintendent proudly noted that all the Navy pilots went to actual aerial platforms.
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    PTR Packet

    The best advice we saw on this same thread last year: When you fill out the SF 86 as part of your PTR package, keep not only paper copies, but also word/excel cut and pastes of the paragraph and list type answers stored in a safe location for future input. You will end up filling out this form...
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    Ask a Mid!

    Wow, pallen92x, you can't even say you're sorry without casting dispersions...I only wish I was cadre at WP this summer as your 'know it all' attitude and big mouth would make you a special project...and all that knowledge without spending a single day at an SA. Go back to the proper forum with...
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    Civilian College & ROTC or USAFA?

    If your desire is to become an astronaut as a pilot, you're going to be in the military a lot longer than 8 years. My nephew graduated at the top of his class at USAFA, went straight to MIT, EuroNato UPT then flew an additional 7 years, several years of which were deployed, combat missions, to...
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    USNA or MIT

    I did a BS at USAFA and MS/PhD at Stanford. My PhD advisor at Stanford got a BS from USNA, MS from MIT and PhD from Stanford...we often reminisced about our undergrad experiences and can tell you neither of us had one single moment of regret for our days at the academies as we learned skills...
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    Still CPR anyone in the same boat?

    Pulling for you Doolieplebe...your attitude and sense of humor are infectious...bring those with you to the military and you'll fare well!
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    Is the Personal Swearing-In Ceremony Worth It?

    We decided against it last year for those very reasons. Plenty of folks do it and if it's important to your PTB, then by all means, go for it...ours said he'd rather spend the time with us, though it's not a low stress sort of meeting given the day they've had and what they all know they're in...
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    PTR Packet

    A note to all looking for their PTR's, last year DS had to request it twice as the first one was lost by USPS...took until mid May, but still had plenty of time to accomplish everything required...without this forum we would have had no clue to re-request.
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    Question on leasing a car at USAFA

    Hey usafa411...I know a couple excellent lease companies and agents in south Denver so when you hit 5 messages, feel free to PM and I'll give you details...there are 5 USAFA grads in my direct family so we have some experience with such, at least up here 45 minutes north on I25.
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    Dollar value of appointment (official)?

    Last year at DS's high school, the principal of which is a USAFA grad like me, simply went with the $250K number for the big total, and then some of the statements from Old Navy BGO on the difference between the academies and what most folks consider a 'full ride' when she got to recognizing his...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    Old Navy BGO is correct...both my wife and I work in roles equivalent to a BGO for Stanford and without a hook, that is one thing you are better at than anyone else on the planet or that makes you completely unique, or come from an underprivileged demographic, you have no chance. Of course if...