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    Balancing Engineering at Virginia Tech/Texas A&M (AROTC)

    Good afternoon everybody, I am currently awaiting my admissions decision for Tech, and have been accepted into Texas A&M Engineering and was recently awarded a year AROTC scholarship. I'm in a current dilemma, I plan on majoring in computer science but I know through both of these schools I'll...
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    AROTC (Personal) Advice for Scholarship! Example Stats

    Good afternoon everybody, I have pestered people and lurked on this forum for close to a year now so the least I can do is give back and answer questions, share my stats, etc, which earned me a four-year scholarship!! (In addition, if it may come up this was my first board) SAT: 1240 Super...
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    Texas A&M Corps Scholarship

    Hello friends, I was recently accepted to my top school out of state at Texas A&M into their amazing engineering program with my top choice major. I am going into the Army, and I am also applying for the Army ROTC national scholarship. I applied for the Texas A&M application through Coalition...
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    AROTC Major Dilemma

    Heya guys, I've been lurking this forum and have another question I haven't seen pop up. I am just about ready to submit my application and schedule a PMS interview but I have two slight problem. My #1 school as of now is Virginia Tech and if I was offered a scholarship I would choose my major...
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    Schools of Intent

    Hello everybody, I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while and had a question I haven't seen pop up. I am moving over this summer to Texas * from Virginia * and right now my residency is in Virginia. As a result of this, I will be putting all Texas Universities on my schools of intent...