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    $160 Million for Westpoint project gone.

    I like to inject some military perspectives on the wall. It’s been a while, but obstacles, there are exceptions but I won’t mention them as I am not taking a chance of what I mention will be taken out of context, are used to control movement. Another point is that obstacles need to be observed...
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    Enlisting Then Applying?

    Enlisting and applying to West Point do increase an applicant’s chance of earning an appointment. West Point can accept up to 85 active and 85 reserve/national guard soldiers. They never do as there are never enough qualified, mostly academically, soldier applicants. I have seen soldier...
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    Since folks are “preaching” and some of us made the same mistakes. I started dipping when I was a cadet. I was never serious dipper - I guess I got lucky. I never had the need to put a dip in as soon as I woke up. I do give a partial credit to dip for helping me make it through Ranger...
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    Family Heritage

    Family legacy might help with why West Point and why military. Although the candidate interview is not required or carry any WCS points, having a good candidate interview can help.
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    Another day, another two horrific shootings in America

    If I may, perhaps stand your ground law? I am not a big fan of stand your ground law, but I don’t like the idea that our first reaction should be retreat when threatened.
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    Another day, another two horrific shootings in America

    Can we stay on topic? My thoughts were about preventing mass shooting, which I clarified that 4 or more. My thoughts were not addressing how to stop wackos that decided to shoot people. I do and don’t agree on “acting on warning signs more effectively.” We live in a country where we value...
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    Another day, another two horrific shootings in America

    What is a gun show loophole? It you are referring to the myth that you can buy a gun at a gun show without a background check, that is partially true only for private sales. Considering tables at gun show costs at least several hundred or more to get, I doubt too many private sellers at gun...
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    Another day, another two horrific shootings in America

    1. Enforce exiting laws 2. Punish criminals for crimes they commit. 3. Pass a legislation to empower federal law enforcement to go after straw purchasers. The reality is legally manufactured guns end up in hands of criminal. I doubt a high percentage is stolen. My thought is with serial...
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    Another day, another two horrific shootings in America

    This is not a bad off topic to discuss as the debate over gun control connects to the ideals of serving in the military. In general, we, military members, are supposed to defend/uphold the Constitution and obey lawful orders. We defend the whole Constitution, not just the parts we like. We...
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    Longer service obligation for SA grads under review

    There are other factors to consider- for example OCS and some ROTC are prior service, so they will get to 20 years quicker, so might be less likely to get out after the initial service obligation. Don’t know how far retention rate goes back to but for back in 95 or 96 an early out was offered...
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    Which is more beneficial for me in the long run, of being a candidate for USMA? (IB OR AP)

    Do your best. Usually there are no two similar candidates where taking IB or AP will make the difference. West Point looks at class rank first.
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    If you are old enough to join the military, you are old enough to decide to vape or not to vape. Joining the military might be more hazardous to your health.
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    Former USMA Cadet's rape conviction overturned

    Why is this a such big deal? Not a first time a higher court overturned a lower court’s decision.
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    No field force rep

    Very open ended question - I would say about 80% of questions you might have are already posted on the admissions website. So my standard advice to candidates are - complete your applications as soon as you are allowed - get your DoDMERB completed once authorized - Candidate evaluation is 60%...
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    RAND Study Accuracy?

    Keep in mind that many things in WCS are beyond one’s control. You don’t pick your SAT/ACT score. You can pick courses you take, but don’t decide what grades you will get. You can train for it, but if you are not a good runner it might take a while to train to run 6 minute mile. You can...
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    Acceptance Rate?

    No. I will give you an example. Typically the top candidate in a Congressional district gets the appointment. I have several cases if the candidate was in a different district, he or she would not have gotten the appointment.
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    No field force rep

    What type of help are you looking? As a FFR I don’t think I am helping candidates, rather answer questions.
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    Waivers for SA Athletes to serve AFTER pro sports career

    How do you define “qualified?” At least for West Point, it means be able to graduate and get commissioned, not best qualified or top 1200. Football programs might have most players, but there are other sports at SAs and aggregate numbers are larger than football programs. We can’t have an...
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    Acceptance Rate?

    Acceptance rate is a meaningless for SA’s, minus CG, with the nomination, physical, and medical requirements It’s not top 1400 students that are offered appointments, rather from #1 to last fully qualified candidate (around 2500). I don’t think Harvard cares if an applicant can run 7 min mile...
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    US President: The Soviet Union Was Right To Invade Afghanistan

    The Cold War might have restarted, but the first Cold War was definitely over. Not sure what we lost? How much of our lives have changed say in last ten years? Didn’t the last Cold War last about 45 years? I might agree that we could lose the current Cold War or we might be losing some...