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    Stop the snack attacks

    ‘85, I had dinner with a few Mids a couple weeks ago and they echoed the same thing. One said their cover was knocked off by a soda can then trampled on as those behind didn’t see it and kept marching and the other said they tried to hide the entire game because their whites had been covered in...
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    Stop the snack attacks

    The Supt or Dant published a letter with this a week or two ago. A few years ago USNA asked for the candy to stop being thrown as it creates a lot of clean up for the city with litter and candy being ground into the roads. As someone who marched at the rear of the bridge... that is true. And...
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    Commitment and Relationships

    It is challenging, but it can be done. Most of my friends married military spouses, so almost all of them were dual military spouses at some point... the length varied. Having a strong support system with parents who have flexibility to come assist has been key for many of them. I can't tell...
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    Academy Day This Weekend - Question about Dress

    I wouldn’t wear a JROTC uniform, it’s not a JROTC event. Khakis and a polo are fine. I have worked our Academy Day the last two years. Honestly a student who came with a firm handshake, looked me in the eyes and had half way informed questions would stand out way more than what they are wearing.
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    How Long Do LOAs Typically Take From CPR to Recieved

    CPR to LOA timeline will vary for every person. Technically one doesn’t need to be CPR to get an LOA. You won’t know when your package is reviewed. I had a highly qualified candidate finished in August of last year. Heard in late March even though I know his package was reviewed in Sept. Most...
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    Received an LOA!! CVW?

    Don’t gauge when you will hear based upon when someone submits their package. Prepare to wait. Most hear Jan-March. Every year we see lots of candidates on here waiting until April 15th. Congrats on the LOA.
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    NROTC to BUDs?

    There are many older threads about this. It’s not an easy path. It can be done. It’s all about prep. Understand the attrition rates. Use the search function. There is a site specific to those training for this community:
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    Admission counselor

    Each admissions counselor does things their own way. If I had to make a guess... this is a session to encourage a candidate to complete their application. Sort of a nudge to get it done. I wouldn’t read too much into. Ask questions and takes notes. Be great to what your DD thinks of it after...
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    Emailing Admissions Counselor About Marijuana Use

    Did it ask how much in the question? Or does it ask how many times?
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    School Rank and Course Rigor

    Yes, school profile is considered by admissions. Exactly how much it counts or influences, none of us know. Only admissions knows the exact amount.
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    Is An Interview A Promising Sign?

    It is really dependent on state and district. Some interview all, others pair it down. Good luck.
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    Physical Readiness Test (PRT) exercise form

    I believe the Plebes this summer did cadence push ups as a test group. In regards to your DS retaking the PRT, I doubt they got to redo it. Your DS is the best resource for that answer. The Brigade took their PRT I believe last weekend.
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    official visit for athletics

    Every team does visits a little differently. You will get yours of campus, facilities, team facilities. Are you guys going to a football game? Usually there is a reception before the game woke recruits with a nice spread. Your son will spend time going to classes and spending time in the hall...
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    I just received an LOA today!!!!

    Eaglemurphy you could sit in that state until mid-April. USNA commits to letting candidates know by April 15th. Most candidates find out in Jan-March timeframe. Prepare mentally to wait until then. It is not first in, first reviewed. Also, even if reviewed it does not mean you will have an...
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    Question about an extenuating grade

    I think if you keep on the current track with your math course this year and next year and do well it wi be fine. Knock out of the park and they will see it as something outside the norm.
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    Question about an extenuating grade

    What math class are you taking this year and next year and how are you doing in this years course?
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    Letter of Rec.

    Additional LORs should portray something that isn’t in your file or expands upon something of significance. It also needs to be from someone who knows you and has an established relationship. General or Admiral X who is a friend of a friend or who you met twice isn’t going to help.
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    National Guard and ROTC

    All, let’s get back on track to the OP’s original topic. Enough back and forth. There are no two experiences that are alike in the military, especially in the reserves. Seeing it second hand from a parent as child is not the same as living it. The Guard and Reserves have so many nuances and...
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    Nuclear SWO

    I am making some assumptions here... but probably being a female played in her favor. There are only so many female sub slots. I know at USNA they are very competitive to get, probably same for NROTC. So if a female doesn’t want to go subs, it won’t happen. More women want subs then subs that...
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    Sub Drafting

    This happens every year. Throwing something won’t help. He is doing the right thing... giving it all. He can say his peace at every opportunity he can that he will do what the Navy tells him, but his desires are something else. I met a new Ensign last year this happened to. He went through round...