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  1. CrewDad

    Received an LOA!! CVW?

    CVW is a different experience from NASS. Since you have an LOA if you ask for one more thank likely you’ll be granted. You have to apply for it so ask your RC to help you with a link. Congrats on the LOA. Exciting stuff exciting time for you.
  2. CrewDad

    School Rank and Course Rigor

    @sebgb. Don’t over think this. Just submit your best Package! And manage what you can still control. Since your school doesn’t rank your school will not provide rank to admissions. Not even estimate. Admissions have several ways to figure this out. One of them is to pull rank from ACT and SAT...
  3. CrewDad

    Anyone willing to chance me?

    @youssef. You look pretty good for any academy. But your ACT is the lowest at USNA. I would try taking one more test. Navy only counts Eng and Math and doesn’t count Reading and Science so your ACT drops to 32 Composite for the Navy. Eng and Math are the two most important sections for all...
  4. CrewDad

    High school ranking and rigor

    @sebgb. Your SAT is excellent and all others are more relative because you compete in your district not in national pool. Not yet. Important thing is never make excuses. You are where you are because it is the function of the quality of your input and not because you went to a tougher school...
  5. CrewDad

    My son received an LOA today! So excited!!

    Awesome! Congrats and enjoy it. Your kid earned it and mom and dad deserve to bask in this wonderful news.
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    Things to Know to Get into A Service Academy-Kiplinger Article

    This is a very thorough review of the SA Process. Well covered by the writer who’s kid is an SA grad.
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    That’s a large number, 20% of incoming. Very generous. Those are Academy’s must have candidates. As good as Early Action admits if they have completed Apps by EA deadline.
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    Congratulations! You must be very proud.
  9. CrewDad

    College Re-Applicant

    I think Chem Lab and Bio Lab will work in your favor during review and for your personal prep. Nevertheless, you should try to get an A in both courses, especially as a reapplicant. Rule of thumb is to mirror Plebe course type of load in your freshman year in college or in your last year of IB...
  10. CrewDad

    Genesis Invitations

    HCopter. You can go. And stay or stay partially. I didn’t. My family went when DS was again invited to Academy Experience.
  11. CrewDad

    Bruce Fleming saga cont.

    My DS said MIDNs who were invited to his house saw a lot of queer and weird things around his house. Not the best kind we want around the Yard. I think the Academy invited him back to be PC and to keep him quiet and drop the law suit against the Navy. What ever the reasons there is price to pay.
  12. CrewDad

    USMA and homeschooling

    I’m glad it worked out for you. As for DODMERB. DODMET will not correct it you have to ask the Dr office to send in the correct reporting they evaluated your child. DODMERB only accepts what the Dr office report to them and not from you directly. So don’t wait for DODMERB to do it for you.
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    My Son Graduated SUPT (Pilot School)

    Congrats Humey and to your son!
  14. CrewDad

    USMA and homeschooling

    This is an interesting thread. Several years ago I looked into this and asked the RC exact same question. Response was TKD is = Varsity Sports in WCS and there is a separate check box. If you advanced to Dans 1-10, beyond black belt, you should receive a Certificate from WTF (World Tae KWON Do...
  15. CrewDad

    Bruce Fleming saga cont.

    @NJROTC-CC. Well said! You took the words right out of my mouth. Fleming’s words are divisive and meant to be punitive and destructive. He’s a rotten egg. And I see his words not contributing positively but meant to be damaging to the Service and to the Academy. Why he’s even back at the Yard...
  16. CrewDad

    Very good students?

    There is no shortage of intellectual capacity by Cadets to push the limits of academic offering at West Point. I’ll offer several examples. Each year many students from New York’s finest if not the nation’s finest STEM Students from Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant, Bronx Science enroll at West Point...
  17. CrewDad

    Very good students?

    @NJDadofDSUSMA2024Hopeful. BTW Your call sign is extremely long. Here’s another perspective. I know what your thoughts are on the Academy vs. other top colleges namely in your view IVY MIT Stanford. But you cannot make parallel comparison at all because these two are very different type of...
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    Order if you like to set it. First academic. Second athletics Third Activities However I don’t think it’s important as long as you have all references.
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    Genesis Invitations

    Actually anyone admissions feel competitive and like to invite. Not limited to URM and first gen. My DS was invited to Genesis in 2017 and he’s not a URM nor 1st Gen college. In fact he came from a highly competitive district in NY where 1,000 candidates applied to SAs. If you completed your...
  20. CrewDad

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I read this as LOE that can become an LOA if you get the remaining items completed. It’s a good sign.