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    College Withdrawal From Class

    I would be concerned about withdrawing. Re-applicants are advised to take a freshman schedule that mirrors a doolie schedule to show that you can handle the academics. Your schedule already appears to be fairly light in comparison, and you would have a lot of explaining to do as to why you...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    I’ve moved your post to this forum thread. As a reminder to everyone, posts for individual state nomination questions should be posted here. Having individual threads for each state is simply too unwieldy. Thank you all for your understanding. Stealth_81
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    Principal Nomination

    I see what you did there. Stealth_81
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    Satanic Temple Space

    Back in 2011 when my son graduated, USAFA spent $80,000 on a Wiccan circle in the woods for the pagans and witches to worship. I am not sure if it is still used or not. Stealth_81
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    Travel to USAFA from Denver airport

    I would also highly recommend renting a car if possible. One thing they need to research is the size of USAFA. It is nothing like USMA or USNA or a normal college campus. It is 18,000 acres and everything is very spread out. If they take an Uber to the gate, it is still several miles to Falcon...
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    Any USAFA Grads Who Became Fighter Pilots?

    All of the above advice is good and it should be read and considered. I do want to point out that in the end it is up to you to put yourself in a position for the best chance for a fighter. My son is a 2011 USAFA grad who wanted to fly fighters. He didn't apply to AFROTC because he wanted to go...
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    Anyone willing to chance me?

    I’ve merged these two identical threads into one. I also deleted the one in the USMA Forum since it had no responses. Stealth_81
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    Army ROTC portal down

    I moved this from the USAFA forum to ROTC. Stealth_81
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    Recalculated GPA?

    The GPA on the portal is the recalculated one. Stealth_81
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    Group-ride from Newark Airport to West Point on Saturday night 11/30.

    I’ve edited the dates in the thread title and the original post. Stealth_81
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    Emailed Admissions Officer

    Wait until they have 5 legitimate posts, or post the info in the forum. Stealth_81
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    Emailed Admissions Officer

    No. That’s is not allowed per the forum rules and they will be deleted. The idea is to have people make 5 constructive posts before allowing PMs. Stealth_81
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    Uniform costs

    Here is where you might lose the argument that the absence is “temporary”. When my son got on the plane to COS on June 25, 2007, it was the last time he lived with us. That is not temporary and I think you would have a problem arguing that it is. Also, even counting only cadet pay as their...
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    Thank you for helping. Ist event a success!

    Based on your username I’m thinking you may have been at the EAA Museum. I was there. You should have stopped at the USAFA table. ;) Stealth_81
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    Desirable Majors?

    The US Military is moving away from uniformed health care professionals. I’m sure that will affect the amount of nursing scholarships offered. Stealth_81
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    Just sharing

    I’m curious to know why you think that. My son had a 35 math and 36 science ACT and did not even consider the Ivies. USAFA was a perfect fit for him and he’s thrived both at the Academy and after in his career. Stealth_81
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    Parents weekend!

    I’d like to hear about your Parents Weekend experiences. My last one was in the Fall of 2010 so I’m well removed from the activities these days. What did you do? Where did you stay? What did you like? What did you dislike? Any tips for newbies next year? Stealth_81
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    NROTC-Marine Option Process Is A Disappointment

    While this thread is interesting, I’ll point out that it is from 2012 and the OP hasn’t been on the forums since then. Stealth_81
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    I have made my own bacon about a dozen times. I do a lot of meat smoking and make a pretty mean brisket, but I have never tamed the bacon process. It turns out pretty good (with some tweaks each time), but I don't plan on making any more. The reason? I have access to the world best bacon just an...
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    AFROTC ICSP 2019

    Thread moved. Stealth_81