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    NROTC ISR Information

    @guydelarosa: rather than spoon feed you, I suggest you start by searching these forums using the search function. There is a lot of great ISR information on here - some very recent. From there, you can bring us your questions. Fair enough?
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    New parent - kinda

    Welcome @sc5. Arrive early and stay late. We will be here to help when we can!
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    Recruiting problem

    Old Navy BGO beat me to it. The standards change over time based solely on the needs of the military. My USMC career was right there with Day-Tripper and I saw much of the same. Incoming boots (and NROTC) personnel were "coached" with a wink on how to fill out forms regarding prior drug use...
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    Is it possible to leave during CORTRAMID?

    OP: you will not be able to leave your training evolution. Best to request West or East based on the schedules. As you can imagine, missing life events is a hard reality for military personnel. Good luck!
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    244th Birthday of the U.S. Navy

    Happy Birthday squids! ( good natured ribbing but always with respect!)
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    MO College Program Progression: Up or Out?

    @Torero_dad - I realize that this is your DS' decision as you so note. I also note that these are your posts not your son's. Your son is entitled to process the facts and take all the time allotted to make his decision on whether the USMC is the right choice. But that said, the USMC does...
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    MO College Program Progression: Up or Out?

    Also, your DS should know that there are a few other commissioning paths: PLC and OCS. Each comes with its own set of requirements, benefits, and risks. Good luck to your DS.
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    MO College Program Progression: Up or Out?

    @Torero_dad - I pulled that information from a university NROTC FAQ website. It was not on the NROTC scholarship application website (which is why I posted it below the web address which addressed the material above). This may have been confusing - if so, I apologize. Disenrollment as...
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    MO College Program Progression: Up or Out?

    NAVY ROTC COLLEGE PROGRAM Applicants selected from students already attending or accepted by colleges with Navy ROTC programs Provides uniforms and Naval Science textbooks. College Program students selected for "advanced standing" receive a stipend for maximum of 20 months. Advance standing is...
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    Marine Rotc Candidates

    @laty0341 - were you a mortarman or does the "0341" stand for something else? There are a few folks who respond to "chance me" posts but I am not one of them. Way too many variable like the application, interview, and leadership positions, etc. You can certainly search the question within...
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    Question from Struggling Mid

    @ab24 - great advice, counsel and suggestions above. Allow me to take a different spin, when I read your posts, I sense confusion: undetermined depression, stay/drop ROTC, questions on a major. You then leap to solutions for one or multiple of these. I suggest you seek to get to the bottom...
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    A sign?

    Still trying to understand the question/ challenge.
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    A sign?
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    NROTC Essay

    I seldom comment on essays but need to weigh in here. I don't understand why you would cite Captain Miller (Army) in a NROTC essay. There are plenty of Naval heroes that could be used to make your point. Also, I don't feel you address the prompt with any specificity. Good luck!
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    Good Morning

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    Army Branches for Civilian Success

    What an interesting thread. Youthful views of a military career not yet started and sage views from those that have been downrange a few times. Life seldom follows the path you think it will. The OP is right to think about these things and I suppose an anonymous forum is appropriate to post...
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    Welcome! Lots of wisdom and experience here. Let us know if we can help.
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    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    Good advice @Old Navy BGO! Your comment reminded me of something: Any time a Marine started a phrase with "With all due respect Sir..." I would hold up my hand and stop them mid-sentence. I would caution the young man that he had better reflect upon what he was about to say and make sure he...
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    Airforce Week Prank Ideas

    Good collection @AROTC-dad. These are, of course, the more familiar, "friendly" nicknames. As a Marine, I have been called and heard a lot worse! ;)
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    Maybe so sir...but not today (maybe tomorrow)?

    For Marines it is “hurry up and wait”. Also, “if you are on time, you are late”.