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    Army Branches for Civilian Success

    While I understand your point, Army recruitment does spend a lot of time touting the benefits of the Army, and what you do while serving, to how it will prepare you for a civilian job in the future. The " Join and learn a skill that will help you when you get out" line gets tossed around a lot...
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    Blackhawk Crash at Ft. Polk

    The accident happened last night, one dead and three injured. Prayers to the family. RIP
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    Reasons why so many candidates do not commission in ROTC?

    My son's program must have been an anomaly. They both went to the same smaller State University. Older son's class started with 14, lost one due to medical, gained 3 along the way and commissioned 16. Younger son's class had 16 show up on day one, two could not pass the APFT (Both 4 yr...
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    Desperate parent with a contracting ?

    The PT test he has already taken was most likely the one put into his contracting packet. Every Battalion is different in how they handle contracting and how long it can take to get everything submitted. My guess is that it will happen within the time frame they gave him. It's good that he keeps...
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    SMP CDT Minuteman

    I assume your plan was to commission into the National Guard or Reserves. Congratulations on the Scholarship
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    Stipend pay for MS1 Contracted Cadet

    Talk to your Battalion HR person, they should be able to give you the information. My son's first stipend payment was late but was paid retroactive to the date he contracted, but that was a while ago so talking to your cadre HR is the best bet.
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    Guarantee Active Duty?

    Just to clarify a bit for those that read this thread. DMG is the top 20% of the National OML that includes all cadet commissioning. The Top 10% that would guarantee Branch of choice is the top 10% of the Active Duty OML, not sure but that may change with the new branching model that is in...
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    denied travel reimbursement

    They are pretty clear that the air travel has to be from his home of record straight to his school. The travel cost for the flights you described will probably be his responsibility.
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    Scholarship concerns after PFT

    As long as he passes the APFT and contracts by close to the end of the semester, his tuition will be paid in full for that semester. One thing that he won't get until he passes and contracts is his Stipend, once he does contract he will start getting the stipend but it will not be paid...
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    contracted freshman flunked out

    A couple things about WOFT. Tbpxece is correct in that it is a competitive process. The acceptance rate changes all the time based on the Army's need for pilots. As far as civilian applicants, there are boards where the acceptance rate is nearly 100%, and then rates more in the 50%, again it...
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    Made the Ranger Challenge Team as a Freshman

    Congratulations, the teams are required to have a member from each class, getting the freshman slot is a great opportunity. The team will have it's own training schedule and there will be time for them to teach you what you'll need to know. Really hit the physical training and endurance, that...
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    Seal Team 7 leadership relieved

    Can't wait to read the book.
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Went to our State Fair last weekend, of course we had the candied bacon on a stick.
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    I can just imagine that PL getting the early morning phone call, sitting on the side of their bed, head in hands mumbling "Oh Crap"
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    That must have been quite the night at the bar, when you're hungry you're hungry, am I right. I did like the "Just go back to sleep" comment though.
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    Why do navy option midshipmen get all of their uniforms when Marine Options do not?

    Officers already receive less BAS then enlisted, as far as BAH, they did try and tinker with that a while back with no luck.
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    $160 Million for Westpoint project gone.

    Can't they just get the Backfill Money from Mexico?
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    Why do navy option midshipmen get all of their uniforms when Marine Options do not?

    This has been the case for as long as I can remember. Enlisted are issued uniforms and Officers have always paid for theirs. I do remember that my son did receive a small allowance when he reported to Ft Rucker for flight school, he was also issued a couple pairs of Flight ACU’s. For the most...
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    Why do navy option midshipmen get all of their uniforms when Marine Options do not?

    Not much different for the Army than it is for the Marine Option in regard to uniforms while in ROTC. The cadets are issued uniforms while they are cadets, when they commission they turn back in the uniforms. They are required to purchase their ASU’s and ACU’s. Some will purchase the ACU’s they...
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    Army ROTC Questions

    One thing to keep in mind is that unlike the other ROTC programs, AROTC Superscores the ACT and SAT. They will take the highest score from each section to arrive at a final score. Sounds like she has taken the ACT multiple times, has she determined what her superscore is from those multiple tests?