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    AFROTC Chances

    Thanks for the clarification!
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    AFROTC Chances

    Here is where interview practice with folks other than your parents (preferably military officers or civilians with hiring experience like @AROTC-dad ) comes into play. Once you go through a few rounds with different people, you become accustomed to unanticipated questions. You will not have...
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    AFROTC Chances

    Those who are not competitive for a scholarship are not invited to interview. As long as you don't bomb your interview, you'll probably get an offer in the next board or two. Hopefully you have prepared for the interview and gone through several rounds of practice. If not, review the...
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    AFROTC application rejected reason "checklist"

    Sent you a PM. Something sounds off with all this- hopefully it winds up being an easy fix.
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    AFROTC application rejected reason "checklist"

    Have your son contact his scholarship technician. His technician's contact info should have been emailed to him and should also be listed in his Wings account. A quick email should clear things up. He's probably missing something. Also have him check his junk mail folder. Good luck!
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    National Guard and ROTC

    "Weekend Warrior" (particularly in the manner you are using it) is a common pejorative term used by mostly AC members towards RC members in an attempt to minimize or marginalize their role in the Total Force. Perhaps you did not understand that. Now you do. I ask that you not use it. It is...
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    National Guard and ROTC

    Good luck in your future endeavors.
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    Officers do not enlist, and there is no way to "enlist as a full-time Active National Guard officer". You are confusing terms, statuses, and accession methods. Also, interest in the ARNG should be directed to an ARNG recruiter. There are very few ARNG installations-- most are either tenant...
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    National Guard and ROTC

    It appears you are a HS senior, correct? And you are not currently serving in the Army in any capacity? If that is the case, I'd recommend you disclose those facts before issuing recommendations like that. "8 years of weekend warrior stuff" has not been the case in the Reserve Component...
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    Correct. AGR is Reserve Component, not Active Component. Yes. Very few units will waste an AGR spot (which is a status tied to the member, NOT the position) on an unproven O-1 who turned down an opportunity to be full-time military It's not competitive as much as it is selective. Nearly...
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    Reasons why so many candidates do not commission in ROTC?

    I've noticed over the past few years that military service is not viewed as a goal by the iGen crowd. Coupled with delayed entry to adulthood and decreased real-world social interactions, the prospect of professional success being dependent on one's ability to network and take responsibility is...
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    USAF ROTC Missing days ?!

    0500 was sleeping in at both BMT and OTS for me. Deployed, your shifts will be all over the place. At home station, you will just as easily be working 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift, often flipping shifts from week to week, depending on your AFSC. Buy an alarm clock, kid.
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    AFROTC Accepted Majors That's a good rundown. The intent is to prevent basket-weaving degrees on AFROTC's dime. Most majors will be approved. Some will only be approved if part of additional accreditation (ABET-accredited...
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    $160 Million for Westpoint project gone.

    Roger, I didn't notice the date stamp. Bacon does sound like a better thread.
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    $160 Million for Westpoint project gone.

    Does this thread bring any value at all to this forum, or are the same folks trotting out the same political garbage again? Give it a rest.
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    Eosinophilic Esophagitis

    You wouldn't be wasting anyone's time by applying. Waivers exist for the needs of the service-- go through the process and see what happens. If they want her, they'll issue the waiver. Clinical-only food allergies are waiverable (i.e. what it sounds like you are describing). She will likely...
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    Pre-workout before CFA?

    I still occasionally see the odd goofball that throws a dip in before their run. Don't understand how they can pull that off, but a handful wind up finishing before I do-- and I'm not exactly slow. As a former regular pre-workout user, I agree- do what works. Stop doing it when it doesn't...
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    Desirable Majors?

    Emphasis mine. I read that as a typo. You meant "earn a good GPA", right? :)
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    Ed Delay

    No one here can answer that for you. Go talk to your cadre.
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    contracted freshman flunked out

    Quoting this excellent statement just to drive the point home. It's a long process with limited, fixed boards throughout the year. That translates into months of a grumpy teenage son bumping along at community college while living in your house with no real guarantee of any change of outcome.