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    It has been "recently" discovered that two buildings on USNA have names associated with Confederate Naval Officers. Franklin Buchanan, first superintendent and founder of the Naval Academy and Admiral CSAN "The Supes House". Also Commander Mathew Fontaine Maury, Captain of the Virginia in...
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    Looks Like He Did It Again

    Tom Hanks has a new movie out in May "Greyhound" based on a C, S, Forester Novel. Navy and Merchant Marine. The trailer looks amazing. I don't think he ever made a bad movie.
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    Just a thought. Walked by my DD's presentation flag from her Senator's office flown over the Capitol on the date of her graduation with congratulation card. For those with graduation coming up you might want to contact your Representative and/or Senator's office and request one. She got hers...
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    To Those Who have served and will serve

    God Bless You All
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    Happy Birthday Marines

    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The Marines don't have that problem"
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    was trCaptain Jerry Yellion

    My daughter had the great honor of sitting with this gentleman on a recent flight from the west coast. Seeing his AAF patches on his flight jacket they started a conversation. She told him she was Marine but Grandfather had been Bombadier Navigator on B-25 in AAF, Dad was AF and brother was...
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    Oh Canada

    Check the internet for Edmonton fans singing the Star Spangled Banner Sunday night when the mike died. Notice also that many Edmonton fans removed their caps. Always loved Oh Canada and sang along whenever it was played in the United States or when we were playing in Canada. Love those...
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    jUST fOR fUN

    We Have Sally's and Frank Pepe's here. Where is your best Pizza joint? Which town and who is the best? Wife and I have a great problem between Sally's and Pepe's.
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    Way Off Topic

    Got information on this in my newsletter as some of those in the program graduated last year or are are getting ready to graduate next year. For those active military with children getting ready to attend High School. St George's School in Middletown RI (Newport) has a great program. Had two...
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    Senator John McCain is now supporting a Senate Bill to cut BHA for married military members to only one spouse allowance. So now if you only live together you each get BHA but if you are married you get a penalty. Four guys living in an apartment get full BHA but two married military get...
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    Look up this video. It is one of the best ever done.
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    Finest Hours

    Saw the trailer for "Finest Hours" last night. during "Bridge of Spies". God bless the USCG. Looks like a great movie.
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    Happy Noruz

    Happy Nowruz from the White House. Look it up. Didn't see the Ayatollah celebrating Christmas. God save America!
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    First Year

    For Plebes someone has discussed the "junk" they all get during the first year. Bring the largest vehicle you can with a top carrier and plan on a couple of hours to load it up at the end of the first year. They will have Summer, Winter and Spring Uniforms and gear without storage. After that...
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    Just a Question

    If two military members are married and each receive a PCS to the same location (OCONUS) does that double their allowances for the movement, COLA, Housing? I just threw everything in a duffel bag and got on the aircraft and am not sure what it means for a married couple with household goods.
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    Robert Gates

    I had the great pleasure of hearing the USNA address by Mr. Gates at the graduating class of 2011. Can't wait to read the book. A true gentleman and a great patriot. He broke up at the end but he was great. Big cheer from the Brigade. If you get the chance see it on video it is inspiring.
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    28TH fininally

    First in a long time: 28th won. Croquet against St Johns. Long live the Phoenix.
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    Rules of the Sea

    There has been some discussion about Carnival reimbursing US Coast Guard and Navy providing assistance to a stricken ship at Sea. I am not familiar with the wording of the actual rules but if I remember correctly (under rules of the sea and treaty) all ships should render all assistance...
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    God Save America. :thumb: Reporting For Duty. Still have all mine and didn't throw them away.
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    December 7, 1941

    Remember the greatest generation. Lest we forget.