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    LTC Heffington's Open Letter

    I am not sure if others have seen this, but it is a very powerful commentary from a person quite qualified to express an assessment of the what is happening at West Point. LTC Heffington is the officer who gave the written statement about Rapone (the communist Cadet/officer), and recommending...
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    TV Commercial

    I just saw a commercial on TV for the Air Force Academy. Not an Air Force commercial, but an actual Air Force Academy commercial. I have never seen a commercial for any of the service academies before. I am surprised that USAFA would spend money on advertising, when there is more than an...
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    AROTC portal mistake?

    My son, a Plebe at West Point, got an email yesterday saying he had a message on the ROTC portal he had from applying (and receiving) a scholarship last year. He passed on the rotc scholarship because he accepted the appointment to USMA. But when he logged into the portal (we had to dig up his...
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    Plebe Parent weekend

    Wife and I are driving back to Michigan after spending Plebe Parent weekend at West Point. For those new 2021 parents, this is the type of event that just reminds you as a parent how blessed we are. This is, bar none, the most special, and best, institution of learning in the world. I haven't...
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    Football tickets and game day experience

    I already purchased tickets to a few football games, including Army/Navy, through my state's parents club, but then learned that my 2020 Cadet can get 4 tickets to each game. Are the tickets the Cadets get good? How does he go about getting them? He is obviously still in Beast, so I know he...
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    West Point- the first 200 years

    For those who have never watched the documentary "West Point -The First 200 Years", I highly recommend it. We watched it on Amazon Prime, and it is an outstanding overview of the USMA , as well as a good American history primer. Having a child at West Point makes it all the more special...
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    2020 class size

    On R-day it was reported that the 2020 class size was over 1300. This came as a suprise to me, as I though that class size should be reducing over the next few years, and 1300 seems large. The size of USNA and USAFA 2020 classes are both well under 1200. Does anyone have any insight into why...
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    Beast Question

    We dropped my son on R-Day, and have been watching the pictures and videos that are being published daily of the New Cadets during Beast on the various Facebook and other media outlets. We were able to spot our son in a couple, to our great delight. My question is whether there is any...
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    Parent ID's

    I saw a form in my sons materials for parent ID's. Is that something that we can or should complete and send in now, or is the parent ID something they will do on R-day? If it gets us through the gate faster it would be nice to have before R-DAY. The application asks for the Cadets company...
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    Scholarship adress

    My son was awarded a few non-restricted local scholarships, and the scholarship forms ask for the name of the school and the address where the funds should be sent. I assume that this money will just be put in my son's cadet account. We have not yet put the $2000 in the account on the portal...
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    Lodging A-Day IHG

    Just booked room for A-Day stay in building 785 of the IHG Army hotel at West Point. They recently privatized, and looked ok, but we have never stayed in a military hotel, so are a bit apprehensive. The location can't be beat, being right on campus. The rates were pretty good considering the...
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    Football days with your plebe

    My wife and I would like to attend a home football game, preferably early in the season, and be able to spend time that day with our plebe son. We would like to avoid the crowds of parents weekend, so would like to do it on a different game day. If we picked a game randomly, will we be able to...
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    Portal Password

    Just tried to log into son's WP portal and it says that the password expired. I don't want to change it for him, but I wanted to check to see if some of the stuff we have been sending was received. Seems strange that the passwords expire. Anyone else have this happen?
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    Hotels in Newburgh airport area

    We booked a room at the Homewood Suites for Rday, and a room at the Days Inn for Aday, because they were available, rated well on tripadvisor, reasonably priced, and within an acceptable proximity to WP. However, my wife just read that Newburgh is a sketchy area, and now she is a bit concerned...
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    EQIP interview

    My son is being asked to have a face to face interview with someone from EQIP this week. I hadn't read anything about interviews and thus was wondering how usual or unusual this is. There should be no issues whatsoever, as my son has only lived in two homes his whole life, and both within a...
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    ROTC as plan B after WP appointment

    My son recieved a WP appointment, and also was awarded a 4 year ROTC scholarship to his #1 non-academy school. He is solid on USMA, but we know it is possible that he could get sick or injured before or during beast barracks and then not be eligible to start classes at WP, thus putting plan B...
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    Medication Question

    My son had some allergy problems a few years ago and a friend who is a Dr. suggested that we give him an over the counter 24 hour allergy pill daily to see if that helped. It did, so basically, he has taken one every evening before bed, and it still seems to work. My question is whether USMA...
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    My son got the Eqip email a few days ago, and he worked on it yesterday. We printed out a bunch of forms, including releases which he signed electronically. He said he submitted everything, but there wasn't anything that seemed to confirm the submission. No email or anything like that. Here...
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    Attending athletic events

    Are regular cadets allowed to attend away football games or other WP athletic events which are on the road? What about plebes? If so, would this be an opportunity to catch up with your son/daughter, by attending a WP away game in your area?
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    Plebe Parent Weekend

    I figured out the other big dates, but do we know yet when Plebe Parent Weekend is for the 2020 class?